Marie Gicquel// Photo credits: ROBERT PALOMBA / ONLY FRANCE / Only France via AFP 09:33, May 17, 2023

At the Cannes Film Festival, the biggest stars meet for a stay in the "Mélodie" suite in the Majestic Hotel. The suite served as a backdrop for the film Mélodie en sous-sol directed by Henri Verneuil with Alain Delon as the headliner.

The 66th Cannes Film Festival has been in full swing since Tuesday. During this great mass of cinema, the stars will parade on the Croisette. Some of them may reside in the suite named "Mélodie", the most important of the Majestic Hotel in Cannes. This mythical room is nicknamed the Alain Delon suite because he shot scenes from the film Melody in the basement directed by Henri Verneuil.

Managing emergencies

To access this setting of the Majestic, you have to go to the seventh floor and see these 280 square meters overlooking the bay. The view of the sparkling sea seems unreal. Photos of Alain Delon adorn the walls.

"Don't you know the movie Melody in the Basement? He revealed Alain Delon. He often comes to the hotel. Generally, every time you see him at the climb of the steps, he comes to say hello to us," explains Sophie Bouche, the housekeeping director of the Majestic. As the Cannes Film Festival starts, she has to deal with emergencies: "A lot of last-minute requests and a lot of ironing for the climb of the steps. There's a lot of sewing too!" she explains.

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A night at several thousand euros

It will not reveal anything about the stars who will stay at the Majestic Hotel this edition. Champagne, flowers and macaroons serve as welcome gifts for celebrities in the rooms. Sometimes it is also necessary to redecorate or rearrange the space.

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"We hosted a star with 200 pairs of glasses last year. We had to put dressers. This is one of the anecdotes of this sequel," she reports. It costs several thousand euros a night, ready for stars who will only have to take three steps to reach the red carpet just below.