• Mask Singer This is how the best kept secret of Antena 3 is born

Too long, too many things, too much boredom... Not even the shock could stop it. The premiere of the third season of Mask Singer arrived last night and came more than a year after its recording and almost two years after its last edition, Mask Singer 2. What should have been an advantage, the hook, the applause was twisted into the opposite. Ana Obregón, new judge by popular acclaim, instead of star has been the star. Less more than ever we will have Tori Spelling. Shock by Ana Obregón, shock by Tori Spelling.

Two years ago, Ana Obregón attended Mask Singer 2 as a guest judge. That night, the audience elevated her to the Olympus of the television gods. Viewers loved her, adored her, clamored for her to be Mask Singer's new judge. Fremantle and Atresmedia, producers of the program, have something that few producers have: they listen. In the previous two editions of Mask Singer every popular acclaim has been a saying and deed. With Ana Obregón it was not going to be different.


Antenna 3.

Mask Singer, this is how the best kept secret of Antena 3 is born

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Mask Singer, this is how the best kept secret of Antena 3 is born

Did the public want Ana Obregón? Well, Mask Singer gave it to Ana Obregón. But... But a year is too long, in a year can change all a life. And Ana Obregón's has changed completely. The surrogacy of her daughter-granddaughter has been a real vase of cold water for Mask Singer. It might seem the opposite, because having the person that a few weeks ago everyone wanted to see in principle should be an advantage, but no. The sympathy and understanding that Ana Obregón generated two years ago in Mask Singer, today has vanished at a stroke.

"Overacted", "monumental shit", "it costs me so much", "heavy", "we will have to endure it" were mixed last night among the followers of the program with "it is a television animal", "that little belly has" or "two great divas together". Luckily Monica Naranjo is also there to compensate and to put a little sanity in the midst of the chaos.

I was singing that the appearance of Ana Obregón in Mask Singer was not going to leave anyone indifferent, but from the infinite love of two years ago it has gone to fatigue. At the same time that for days there is with all the controversy of her surrogacy, of daughter-granddaughter, of the exclusives, of everything. Anita has done a disservice to Mask Singer.

And it's true, Ana Obregón is a television monster being Ana Obregón. There is no more. Two years ago when everyone applauded her passage through Mask Singer and clamored for Mask Singer to sign her was the same Ana Obregón who was seen last night. The program has not been recorded two days ago, nor is Ana Obregón just landed in Miami. As much as you want to mix times, when this third season of Mask Singer was recorded, Ana Obregón was the Ana Obregón who only wore white or black to maintain mourning for her son, and it was the Ana Obregón who carried the void left by her Aless. But it is impossible to mix concepts and it is impossible not to get tired.

The only difference is that when Ana Obregón appeared in Mask Singer 2 everyone loved Ana Obregón and now the actress and presenter is no longer so loved for reasons unrelated to Mask Singer, but that directly affect Mask Singer.

Last night Ana Obregón did the same as two years ago and has always done on television: show, show and entertainment. Which is loading, yes. Two hours of program with Ana Obregón more lost than an octopus in a garage, with Ana Obregón playing the role of excited and shocked judge, with Ana Obregón trying to hold on to the extreme madness of the Javis -Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi- is exhausting.

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario and Tori Spelling, discovered in Mask Singer

But Ana Obregón has something that has made her the television monster that she is, she knows perfectly what you have to give to impact and what you have to give so that the next day you only talk about what Ana Obregón has done. So, apart from not getting one of the two masks that were unveiled last night -Arantxa Sánchez Vicario and Tori Spelling-, falling into the theories that have been heard again and again in the two previous seasons of Mask Singer -Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Enrique Iglesias, Jesulín de Ubrique-, of going over intense, Ana Obregón returned to give a moment that is already part of the history of television like so many others starring the great Anita: Mask Singer ended last night with a revival of the mythical What do we bet?, with Ana Obregón getting back into the shower, with Ana Obregón soaked, with Ana Obregón again punished.

Did anyone really believe that Ana Obregón was not going to eat Mask Singer? Neither Tori Spelling, nor Arantxa Sánchez Vicario could with Anita. Yes, heavy, yes, overacted, yes, intense to the point of saying enough, too, but that is Ana Obregón, let's not get confused, and that is the Ana Obregón that whoever is under the masks smacks them to two cheeks.

If Ana Obregón had not been last night in Mask Singer, had not gotten in the shower, had not pressed the new 'whistleblower' of the program, had not released crazy things like that one of the masks could be Liza Minelli, had not entered the game and the exaggeration of the Javis, today the absolute protagonist would be Tori Spelling.

Then Ana Obregón will surprise us and, as already happened in her visit in the second season of Mask Singer, she will suddenly hit the most complicated mask, but last night only Monica Naranjo managed to take the cat to the water by hitting the first mask unveiled last night: Pharaoh. Lazy to be the first, very loose.

Below Faraona was neither Carmen Lomana, nor Lydia Valentín, nor, of course, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. It would only have been missing that in the middle of an election year, no matter how much Mask Singer is recorded more than a year ago, Isabel Díaz Ayuso appeared, the one who is messed up is small. Below Faraona was Arantxa Sánchez Vicario. A bit of a bluf, isn't it? Not because of Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, poor thing, but because Mask Singer has created an expectation around her masks that everything seems little. The audience needs to be shocked, they need to stay in shock and more with the first mask of the premiere of Mask Singer, and it was not like that. Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, cool, but she is not a Georgina, the first mask discovered in the first program of the first Mask Singer, nor is La Toya Jackson, the first mask of the second season of Mask Singer.

Luckily Tori Spelling came to save the premiere of Mask Singer. For the first time in Mask Singer the program premiered with a double unmasking. Mask Singer divided the program into two blocks, three masks first -Seahorse, Aliens and Pharaoh- and three masks later -Tiger, Skeleton and Harlequin-. In the first shift Pharaoha fell, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario was discovered, what a downturn! Ana Obregón was right, it would have been wonderful and more than controversial that under Faraona was Isabel Díaz Ayuso. As made to measure.

In the second block, Ana Obregón continued in her line, in which we have seen so many times when she has appeared in a program. He could not miss the memory of his son Aless. Brief, yes, but taking advantage of the fact that he believed that Skeleton could be Alessandro Lequio... Arlequín lost and Javier Calvo and Ana Obregón lost. The two played it with Tigre and decided to press the 'whistleblower', convinced -Ana Obregón, less, but you had to follow the game- that under the mask of Tigres was Antonio Banderas.

Well, no, Antonio Banderas was not – the theories, again, are that Tigre is El Rubius. So punishment because the new game of Mask Singer is that if you press the 'teller' and guess, the mask has to be discovered, but if not... If they don't get it right, they get it punished. The one of Ana Obregón and Javier Calvo showering. "What do we bet? What do we bet? Risk the impossible and don't turn back..."

And then he lost Harlequin and Mask Singer saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Tori Spelling! Mother of the word! It's been 23 years since the last episode of Sensation of Living! And what a bad thing they have been for some! That's the mask Mask Singer deserved for the premiere of a third season. Who knew that beneath Harlequin could be Tori Spelling! The very bad, but blessed Tori Spelling, blessed Ana Obregón.

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