Who cares about safety under "Fast and Furious"? Several locomotive influencers drove illegally, resulting in injuries or deaths

□ Sun Tianjiao, reporter of this newspaper

Wearing a cute skirt and riding a cool motorcycle, such a "contrasting cute" does not want to become a "talisman".

Recently, two Yunnan girls died while driving a motorcycle without a license, and the driver was only 16 years old. It is reported that the two girls are female motorcycle Internet celebrities on a short video platform, often wearing helmets with large bows to shoot motorcycle videos.

Such tragedies have occurred one after another. According to incomplete statistics, since October last year, in just half a year, 10 locomotive Internet celebrities have died due to traffic accidents. According to public reports, the main causes of these motorcycle fatalities are speeding, driving without a license, and driving heavy motorcycles that do not match their body shape.

Experts interviewed by the "Rule of Law Daily" reporter believe that the handsomeness and excitement brought by driving heavy motorcycles cause people to rush to experience, which is understandable, but if you pursue excitement too much, or drive dangerously for network traffic, it endangers your own or others' safety, and must be guided and regulated.

Lack of awareness of safe driving

Chase racing accidents are frequent

On January 1 this year, a motorcycle crash killed four people, two of them minors. Later, the public security organ determined that the 5-year-old teenager Ding was driving a two-wheeled motorcycle without a license and without a headlamp device and without left and right rearview mirrors, and collided with 4-year-old locomotive Internet celebrity Zhuang Muqing in the opposite direction. At that time, Chong Muqing was also speeding on a two-wheeled motorcycle without a license plate.

"It hurts every time I see an accident like this, they are so young, their lives come to an abrupt end." The "post-90s" Hanhan began to contact motorcycles in 2016 and has traveled by motorcycle many times, and the motorcycle driving mileage has exceeded 15,<> kilometers so far. In his view, motorcycles, such a "meat and iron" means of transportation, although there is a certain danger, but the occurrence of some accidents is mostly the driver's own problem - lack of safety driving awareness, illegal driving.

"One of the things we say in the circle is to 'control the right hand' - the right hand is where the accelerator is, that is, to control the speed of the car, not to blindly pursue fast, but only 'control the right hand' is not enough." Han Han said that motorcycle defensive driving is a holistic concept, and this string must always be tightened. "The motorcycle can be a daily vehicle or a sport, and the two attributes must be separated. To play sports, you must be proficient in technology, play in professional venues, and when driving on traffic roads, you must follow the corresponding traffic rules. ”

Han emphasized the importance of protective gear: "When riding motorcycles, helmets, cycling clothes and other protective gear are essential. Now some motorcycles are Internet celebrities, the equipment does not pass the level at all, and they often do dangerous driving actions. Previously, a female Internet celebrity died in a car accident, and her helmet was found casually, and most of the helmet was worn off in the accident. Some Internet celebrities wear stockings, miniskirts, and ride heavy motorcycles weighing hundreds of kilograms, and once the car rolls over, they can't protect themselves at all. ”

Ms. Chen, a Beijing citizen who is taking a motorcycle driver's license, is deeply impressed by safe driving. "Nowadays, many young people are looking for excitement, and just by touching the knowledge of the driving test, they think that they can ride a motorcycle to race or drive various tricks, but in fact, it is far from enough." For example, she said, "imitation race" (refers to motorcycles that have been added to the concept of racing for road driving) may cause death swings during driving, in which case what to do to maximize life safety, and theoretical learning alone cannot be used to deal with emergencies.

Liu Yu (pseudonym), a native of Shanxi who is also taking a driver's license, believes that the current driving test knowledge is still limited and insufficient to deal with emergencies: "I applied for a Class D driver's license, the model I studied in the driving school is a three-wheeled motorcycle, and the various safety issues faced by riding a two-wheeled motorcycle for daily commuting will not be fully involved when learning in driving school, such as two-wheeled motorcycles are easy to fall on the road, and learning three-wheeled motorcycles does not need to consider the problem of car falling." ”

In addition, driving license learning is after all test-taking education, in fact, the various emergency situations that need to be faced in road driving and the observation of road conditions require long-term experience. Therefore, even if you get a motorcycle driver's license, drive step by step, keeping safety first.

Wang Junwei, a lawyer at Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, said that motorists' thrill-seeking is an important reason for the frequent occurrence of motorcycle accidents, and from statistical point of view, speeding has always accounted for the first cause of death in motorcycle accidents. At the same time, traffic accidents caused by looking at mobile phones and receiving phone calls while driving a motorcycle are also common.

According to Zheng Xiang, a professor at the Law School of Beijing Jiaotong University, the causes of motorcycle traffic accidents are mainly due to three factors: people, vehicles and roads. From the analysis of the causes of various accidents caused by Internet celebrities driving locomotives recently, it is mainly human factors. Motorcycle Internet celebrities often lack traffic safety awareness, and pay more attention to factors that attract traffic during driving, such as wearing strange clothes that are not suitable for driving, speeding in order to show technology, ignoring road lights for beautiful driving route trajectories, etc., so that they and others are in an unsafe state.

Network rendering cool property

Ignoring the motorcycle hazard factor

Without protective gear or even helmets, he suddenly accelerated past a group of cars and left in the dust; With a roaring sound, high-speed bending and other operations; The petite girl drives a heavy motorcycle, her feet can't reach the ground at all, and she makes cute appearances...

Recently, reporters searched on multiple social platforms with keywords such as "heavy motorcycle", "motorcycle boy" and "motorcycle girl" and found that many bloggers posted photos and videos of themselves driving high-displacement motorcycles on urban roads. Someone directly wrote the content of "the head can be broken, the blood can be shed, the person can be injured, and the locomotive must have" in the copywriting, and many people in the comment area praised "handsome" and "asked for recommendations".

Yuan Mu (pseudonym) from Chaoyang, Beijing, was attracted by online videos and wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle. "I can often brush up on the Internet for short videos shot by such cycling bloggers, which I think is cool and fun, so I also want to go to the suburbs to ride after having a certain level of cycling and feel the atmosphere of 'chasing the wind'."

However, after really learning motorcycle driving for a while, Yuan Mu found that the so-called "fast and furious" behind it may be a huge safety risk. "I know more about professional knowledge, and I found that some of the locomotive Internet celebrities I saw before were either posing for photos or driving for traffic violations. For example, many of the videos I've seen show drivers not wearing helmets as required. Others are obviously speeding, crazy lane changes, drifting and bending on city roads. Yuan Mu said that most of the people who studied motorcycle licenses with him during the same period were young people, and several of them thought riding motorcycles was "cool" after watching relevant videos.

A police officer from the Traffic Management Bureau of Nanjing Public Security Bureau in Jiangsu Province told reporters that two-wheeled motorcycles have relatively strong acceleration capabilities and relatively weak protection functions, which not only require riders to control their own balance, but also the different effects of front and rear brakes and application timing are inseparable from effective training, not to mention how to take correct self-rescue measures at the moment of danger. Generally speaking, the larger the displacement and the stronger the power of the same brand motorcycle, the heavier the corresponding body, the higher the cushion off the ground, the more refined the handling requirements, and the novice with insufficient strength and skill is more likely to increase the risk of accidents if they are eager to choose "high-headed horse".

"In the online video, in order to pursue the curious effect, a considerable number of motorcycle friends not only lack safety protection measures, but also choose eye-catching strange costumes and funny helmets when riding, resulting in insufficient protection after accidents." The above-mentioned police said that bloggers on online platforms have a certain number of followers, and should pay attention to strengthening the exemplary law-abiding awareness of public figures, and guide enthusiasts to abide by the law and ride safely with legal and standardized traffic behavior.

The reporter learned that in recent years, with the increasing number of personalized works on motorcycle themes on various online platforms, and a considerable part of them are illegal or irregular riding, with the main purpose of showing off and hunting curiosity, attracting a considerable number of young enthusiasts to "enter the circle". In this regard, some motorcycle friends associations and clubs have also spoken out, condemning such offenders for "compressing the cycling space of regular motorcycle friends" and "destroying the social image of the entire group", and supporting the public security traffic management department to investigate and deal with key illegal acts and standardize road traffic order.

Guo Peijie, a lawyer at Beijing Yinghe Law Firm, believes that riding heavy motorcycles is regarded as a "cool" and "handsome" behavior, reflecting the love and pursuit of motorcycle trends and motorcycle culture among young people. However, there are certain risks and security risks associated with this behavior. After mastering this "traffic password", relevant platforms and bloggers also have the responsibility to provide security tips and positive guidance for this behavior to promote the safety awareness and behavior of young people.

Improve the content moderation mechanism

Guide the establishment of safety awareness

Experts interviewed generally believe that platforms for publishing motorcycle works must consolidate responsibility, provide positive guidance, and popularize necessary safe driving knowledge.

According to Hu Muzhi, a member of the Traffic Management and Transportation Law Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association, social platforms and bloggers, as messengers of information, should censor the content they post to avoid promoting the idea of inciting risky behavior and unsafe driving when riding heavy motorcycles. At the same time, platforms and bloggers also have the obligation to convey the correct safety concept to minors, while promoting attractive pictures of riding motorcycles and speeding, they must also emphasize safe driving knowledge and the ability to respond to dangerous situations, and positively guide young people to establish correct safety awareness.

Guo Peijie suggested that social platforms should strengthen the review of content posted by users, especially when the content involves some high-risk actions, social platforms can take some measures, such as establishing a review mechanism and adding safety tips, to reduce the occurrence of dangerous behaviors. Bloggers should add safety tips and positive guidance when posting photos and videos about motorcycle riding.

Guo Peijie believes that at present, for some traffic violations, such as driving without a license, speeding, etc., the penalties faced by violators, such as fines and revocation of driver's licenses, are relatively light, and the cost of violations is low, which will lead to some people still having a fluke mentality. Insufficient learning and understanding of relevant laws and regulations leads to some people not knowing that their actions are violations, or not aware of the risks and serious consequences, which can easily lead to traffic violations.

"The issue of motorcycle fatalities needs the attention and attention of all parties." Hu Muzhi suggested that in order to prevent similar accidents from happening again, relevant laws, regulations and standards should be improved. The government should strengthen supervision and enforcement, improve the rules and regulations in the field of motorcycle driving and traffic safety, and provide a safer traffic environment for motorcycle drivers and participants; Strengthen the control of all kinds of illegal motorcycles by strengthening facility management and motorcycle rectification, and set up high-definition illegal recorders in important areas to capture violations in a timely manner, increase the cost of violations, and effectively maintain public safety.

"The public can also be encouraged to participate in traffic management and report problems in a timely manner." At the same time, strengthen the application of science and technology and research and development, and improve the level of traffic safety by strengthening the application of traffic safety supervision technology. Hu Muzhi said.

Wang Junwei suggested that relevant departments should strengthen supervision over the use, manufacture and sales of motor vehicles and protective equipment. The sale of unqualified protective equipment is prohibited, and locomotives that do not meet safety requirements are prohibited from being on the road. At the same time, home-schooling and relevant social units should strengthen safety awareness education for minors, so that safety awareness can take root in the hearts of minors.

As an experienced old rider, Hanhan believes that for some teenagers, the current acquisition cost of large-displacement heavy locomotives is low, and it is difficult for new riders who lack driving experience to drive heavy and tall heavy locomotives, which indirectly increases the risk of accidents. Therefore, he believes that it is possible to consider classifying motorcycle licenses according to motorcycle displacement, and managing them in practice according to the type of license.

"Only when all parties work together to comprehensively strengthen the importance and management of motorcycle traffic safety and promote the formation of a good motorcycle culture and lifestyle, can we avoid or reduce the occurrence of motorcycle fatal accidents." Hu Muzhi said.