The premiere of the dramatic film "Ada" took place at the Moscow International Film Festival. The director was the debutant in the feature meter Stanislav Svetlov, who previously shot the short film "Tiger among the birches" and worked on the comedy sketch show "Two". Svetlov, together with his co-authors, also wrote the script for Ada.

The film takes place in the Russian hinterland, untouched by tall buildings. Dreamy 12-year-old Ada (Maria Kozhukhantseva) lives here with her mother Varvara (Olga Ozollapinya) and a dog. She has no father. An equally dreamy mother from childhood tells the girl that her father is the whole world. However, the growing Ada is no longer satisfied with this explanation. She furtively shares her experiences with her teacher and mother's friend Eduard (Mikhail Lozhkin).

The girl falls in love with the silent boy Victor, who lives with his grandfather, who abuses alcohol. Together with Ada, Victor finds an original way to end the destructive habit of a relative, which leads to a serious incident.

Olga Ozollapina embodied the image of the mother of dreams on the screen. She loves her daughter with all her heart and takes care of her, but raises her independent, inquisitive, supports all her endeavors and does not violate personal boundaries. When the girl returns from a walk later than usual, her mother runs to hug her and only says that she was worried. At the same time, she does not put her own fears and anxieties on Ada and, knowing the romantic nature of her daughter, does not conduct a strict educational conversation.

At the same time, a woman knows the value of herself and does not build her whole life around her only child. When fate brings Barbara to a man, she does not give up her own happiness and does not throw life at the feet of her daughter, but calmly explains that she wants to build a family with Edward.

The character of Mikhail Lozhkin is interesting and charming - gallant, sensitive, not only showing respect for Ada, but also, by virtue of his profession, knowing child psychology well and knowing how to find the key to a tender heart. He delicately convinces the girl of the sincerity of his intentions when jealousy flares up in her.

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"Ada" is a film about growing up and uniting with nature. Entering from a tender childhood to a transitional one, Ada is rebuilt not only psychologically, looking at the world with a new look, but also physiologically. She goes through the experience of the first menstruation, the first love, the first makeup, the perception of herself as a girl and the desire to please the object of sympathy. With the sensitive support of adults, Ada learns to understand and accept herself and others.

The film is incredibly unhurried: it does not have an abundance of bright events and sharp plot twists. However, such a decision is quite justified for this story and corresponds to the perception of the environment in childhood, when the trees are taller, the grass is greener, and time passes more slowly.

At the same time, the first 20 minutes of the picture, through the contemplation of very beautiful landscapes, the viewer is invited to practically attend a master class in cinematography - spectacular, but devoid of plot. It is also a reminder of the rush to which an adult city dweller is accustomed.

However, there is no shortage of tapes in this: the views filmed in the city of Gorbatov, Nizhny Novgorod region, are so mesmerizing that the cameraman intends not only to bring the viewer to the story, but also to talk to his soul. Nature described by Mikhail Prishvin and Konstantin Paustovsky comes to life on the screen, and the lines of Fyodor Tyutchev, Afanasy Fet, Sergei Yesenin and other classics about the beauty of the Russian forest come to mind.

"Ada" is an airy, like cotton candy, gentle and naïve picture that returns viewers to their youth. The story presented on the screen can resonate with the audience's childhood experience and evoke nostalgia. Even if there is no dynamic plot and sharp, deep conflicts in the tape, such pictures are necessary to pause in the hectic adult life, take a breath, be filled with energy and beauty displayed on the screen, and move on with renewed vigor and inspiration - or maybe even slow down and enjoy what is around.