Baoshan, April 4 (Reporter Han Shuainan) The reporter learned from the press conference on biodiversity conservation in Baoshan, Yunnan on the 18th, that at present, 18 kinds of nationally protected wild animals and 230 kinds of nationally protected plants in various nature reserves and key forest areas in Baoshan City have been strictly protected, rich forest, grassland, wetland vegetation types and biodiversity resources have been effectively protected, and biodiversity is increasing.

Baoshan City is located in the alpine valley area in the southern section of the Hengduan Mountain Range, with the Gaoligong Mountain and Nu Mountain extending south in the territory, and the Lancang, Nu and Longchuan Rivers (tributaries of the Irrawaddy River) passing through the territory, and has tropical, subtropical and cold temperate climate types at the same time. The superior geographical conditions have created the remarkable characteristics of landscape diversity, biological system diversity, species diversity and genetic diversity in Baoshan Mountain, and it is the hometown of white-browed gibbons in China and one of the regions with rich biodiversity in China.

The picture shows the Gaoligong white-browed gibbon (male ape). Photo courtesy of the Information Office of Baoshan Municipal People's Government

Li Fengbo, deputy director of the Forestry and Grassland Bureau of Baoshan City, introduced at the press conference that at present, the number of bird species in Baoshan has increased from 419 to 689; the number of insects increased from 1690,2000 to more than 4,130; Fischer's langurs increased from 10 in 500 groups to more than <> in <> groups.

At the same time, new species are constantly being discovered in Baoshan. The world's 20th species of gibbon, Gaoligong white-browed gibbon, was named, and the cloud cat has reappeared since 1984, and rare mammals such as red iguanas and jackals have been found in the Gaoligong Mountain Reserve; At present, the most complete preserved and best-growing aquatic tree population in the world was found in Changning Lancangjiang County Nature Reserve; The Chinese endemic species that has been "disappearing" for 83 years, Shunning barberry, has reappeared in Longling Xiaoheishan Provincial Nature Reserve. The world's rare birds red-headed loon duck, the world's critically endangered birds blue-headed duck, the domestic rare world rare birds three-toed kingfisher, the world's endangered birds, national I-level protected wild animals Jade Belt Sea Eagle have appeared in Baoshan.

The picture shows the colorful wetlands on the top of Gaoligong Mountain. Photo by Wyson

Li Fengbo said that Baoshan continues to strengthen the protection of population species. Carry out rescue, protection and restoration projects for rare and endangered and very small populations and endemic species in narrow areas. In 2022, 1668,267 cases of wildlife accidents were settled, with a compensation amount of 86,1884,2022 yuan, benefiting 114,97 farmers. Since 146, all functional departments in the city have repeatedly carried out joint law enforcement actions, investigating and handling 268 cases of violations of laws and regulations, 35 criminal cases, investigating and dealing with 55 offenders, seizing 845 wild animals (only), 1315.425 kg of wildlife products, 15 pieces of hunting gear, <>,<> wild plants, <> kg of wild plant products, and <> illegal tools.

"In the next step, Baoshan will strengthen the protection of ecological public welfare forests and natural forests, actively promote the establishment of Gaoligongshan National Park, and at the same time systematically govern, scientifically carry out ecological restoration actions, and take multiple measures to strengthen the protection of wild animals and plants." Li Fengbo said. (End)