Yamagata City returned to the top Japan spot for the first time in two years in terms of the cost of eating out for one year, and the city opened a portal site where customers can search for restaurants based on the characteristics of soups and noodles in order to link ramen to regional revitalization.

According to a national survey released in February, Yamagata City spent 2,1 yen per household on ramen last year, beating out rival Niigata City to become the number one Japan for the first time in two years.

In an effort to revitalize the city by attracting ramen fans from all over the country, the city has launched a portal site "#推しメンやまがた" that covers information on ramen shops in the city.

On the site, you can search for stores that offer your favorite ramen based on the
types of ramen such as "niboshi" and "miso" and ▽ the characteristics of noodles such as "curly noodles", "straight noodles", "thick" and

In addition, there is also a function to create business card data to promote the most recommended stores, and using the 1D barcode on the front side, in addition to store information, coupons such as discounts can be displayed in some cases, and images of the ramen of that store can be placed on the back side.

The Yamagata City Yamagata Brand Promotion Division says, "We would be happy if you could find your favorite cup by using the site and actually visit the store."