Under the beautiful Yuelu Mountain

The banks of the turquoise Xiang River

One school was destroyed and built seven times in the war

It has undergone more than ten reforms and changes in the school-running system

Still singing

It is famous in China

"Millennium University, Century-old Famous School" - Hunan University

Hunan University. Photo by Ren Kewei

It inherits the style of thousands of years

There is a confidence to seek truth from facts here

There is a pulse of daring to be the first


Come, go to Hunan University with Xiaoxin

Yuelu Academy of Hunan University is located in the shadow of ancient trees and thick shade. Photo by Yang Huafeng

Millennium University, "material" in the lake

Yuelu College, Hunan University. Photo by Yang Huafeng

The University originated from Yuelu Academy, founded in 976 AD

It is the longest institution of higher learning in China

The continuity of culture and education has been maintained for thousands of years

In 1926, it was officially named Hunan University

Bird's eye view of Yuelu Academy of Hunan University. Photo by Yang Huafeng

"Three hundred people in Dowling, one thousand disciples in the academy"

Wang Fuzhi, who "gathers the wisdom of the ages"

Wei Yuan, the forerunner of "opening his eyes to the world"

Zeng Guofan, the "first minister of Zhongxing" in the late Qing Dynasty

Zuo Zongtang, the main founder of China's modern navy

Guo Songtao, China's first minister abroad


Every change and progress in history

There is no shortage of students from this "millennium school"

People visit the Yuelu Academy of Hunan University. Photo by Jia Tianyong

The school motto of "seeking truth from facts and daring to be the first"

The school spirit of "erudition, wisdom, diligence and knowledge"

It has produced 39 faculty members and academicians of the "two academies"

Groups of intellectual elites and specialists have come out of here

"Only talented, Yu Si is prosperous" is a vivid portrayal of his talents

An inferiority pavilion hidden in the depths of greenery. Photo by Wu Yanshu

From a high place, learn from the lake

Hunan University campus. Photo by Jiang Qiankun

It is home to the largest surviving college complex in China

There are also modern teaching buildings with a sense of design and art

Walking at Hunan University

It's like reading a vivid history of modern Chinese architecture

Science Museum of Hunan University. Photo by Liu Chenlu

The Science Museum of Hunan University, completed in 1935

Hovering between "modern" and "classical"

In September 1945, the 9th Front of the Chinese Theater of Operations in the Anti-Japanese War

The surrender ceremony of the Changhengyue area was held here

Ninth send dormitory. Photo by Liu Chenlu

The movie "Our Decade" was filmed in the ninth sending dormitory

It was designed in 1946 by architect Liu Shiying

Green bricks and green tiles, simple lines

It is very typical of architecture during the Republican period

Now it is listed in the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units

Hunan University Auditorium. Photo by Ren Kewei

A large hall opposite Yuelu Academy

Compatible with quaint and modern colors

It is the venue for various major events in the school

It records the wonderful moments of the teachers and students of the lake

Aquatic teaching building. Photo by Chen Jiaqi

An aquatic teaching building that can accommodate 4,000 students at the same time

It is a ship-shaped building with multilateral lighting

Just like a "warship" about to set sail

Fully loaded with students sailed to the sea of stars

National Engineering Research Center for Robot Visual Perception and Control Technology. Photo by Liu Chenlu

2 State Key Laboratories

2 National Engineering Technology Research Centers

1 National Engineering Research Center

3 national international cooperation bases

1 National Defense Key Discipline Laboratory of the Bureau of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense

13 key laboratories and engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education

6 discipline innovation and intellectual introduction bases of colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education

Help the teachers and students of the lake swim in the ocean of scientific research

National Supercomputing Changsha Center. Photo by Yang Huafeng

The National Supercomputing Changsha Center is located in the campus area of Hunan University

It is the third national supercomputing center

The level of computing power is internationally advanced and domestically leading

It is provided to nearly 2,000 users

Services such as high-performance computing, big data, and artificial intelligence

Back Lake Ring Road. Photo by Chen Jiaqi

Four o'clock scenery, beauty in the lake

Cherry blossoms on the campus of Lake University. Photo by Jiang Qiankun



























Go to Yuelu Mountain to see that the mountains are red and the layers of forests are full of dye

Have a "time-space dialogue" with the ancient sages in the Aiwan Pavilion

Ginkgo biloba on Lushan South Road. Photo by Ren Kewei

"A year of good scenery must be remembered, the most orange-yellow-orange green time"

The warm autumn sun shines brightly on all parts of the campus

Take a pat

It's all golden youth in memory

The silver-clad Yuelu Academy of Hunan University. Photo by Yang Huafeng


Walk into the silver-clad Yuelu Academy

In the lecture hall, I recalled the grand occasion of "Zhu Zhanghui speaking"

In the half-study period, he perceives the study style of "seeking truth from facts"

This is the charm of Chinese academy culture

Library of Hunan University. Photo by Liu Chenlu

Grab your books and bring your computer

Go to the library to meet friends with books and "read" the world

The number of visitors is constantly refreshed on the screen

It is the dream and perseverance of you and countless people

Lake University Campus. Photo by Ren Kewei

Fireworks in the world, eating in the lake

Street signs on Lushan South Road. Photo by Wang Jianwei

The fireworks of the world are the most soothing to mortals

In Huda, there is a wide variety of various cuisines

Will awaken your sleeping taste buds

Lake canteen food.

Two canteen fruit dishes

Five canteens of bread and dessert

Pickled pepper bullfrog in the sixth canteen


"The lake on the tip of the tongue" is worthy of the name

Ascending the road snack street is the only way to climb Yuelu Mountain and visit Aiwan Pavilion. Photo by Liu Chenlu

In addition to the "ninth major Chinese cuisine" canteen dishes

Huda also has a famous snack street

It is the only way to climb Yuelu Mountain and visit Aiwan Pavilion

At a glance, the path is lined with various gourmet shops

Food on the way to the top. Photo by Liu Chenlu

Changsha snacks stinky tofu, sugar and oil dumplings, large sausages

"Net red milk tea" tea is pleasant

"Century-old store" Yang Yuxing


Students and tourists from the south and the north

Here you can "catch all the food in Hunan

College of Arts, Hunan University.

The foothills are majestic and the waters are beautiful

Hongkai University, Ji Ji Vicissitudes


From ancient academies to modern academies to modern universities

Hunan University, which has been immersed in Huxiang culture for thousands of years

Take the ferryboat from the sages

Accompany generations of students to the vast world

Students ride on Lushan South Road. Photo by Liu Chenlu

Hello, Hunan University

Wait until I'll see you at the beginning of "Xiang"

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