We may be surprised as a result of the pressure exerted by the opposition in the entity and in various forms by the collapse of the far-right fascist government coalition, the formation of a new government after the expulsion of some of the most extreme elements such as Ben Gvir and Smotrich from the government, and the introduction of other elements such as Benny Gantz, Eisenkot or even Lapid or going to a sixth round of elections.

The active forces within the entity affiliated with the left and center, and considering themselves the descendants of the founders of the state, will not allow disaster to occur or this "judicial coup" to pass.

This scenario may be unlikely until now, but in light of the increasing numbers and segments that support the opposition against the government, especially because of the "judicial coup" and changing the identity of the state from a "liberal democracy" state - as Israel claims - to the state of Sharia and the Torah, and in light of the unlimited support from the West, especially the United States of America for this opposition, considering that the judicial coup and changing the identity of the state threaten its strategic interests in the region as well as making it difficult for it to market and support Israel within America itself as a joint with it. In grand values, this scenario becomes more possible.

Every day we hear about new segments joining the opposition inside the entity from the army, security forces, media, legal, economic and others, and outside it from countries that express their rejection of this "judicial coup", as well as political and economic segments and intellectuals in the West in general and America in particular, even from the Jews themselves, the numbers that announce their rejection of the planned change, and their threat to theorize against Israel in the media or divest billions from the Israeli economy, even the great economist Michael Bloomberg stated that Israel It is marching towards "disaster".

Certainly, the active forces within the entity affiliated with the left and center (the deep state), and consider themselves the descendants of the founders of the state, in addition to the role of the West in pressuring Netanyahu, will not allow the catastrophe to occur or pass this "judicial coup", for many reasons, not least of which is that the deep state in the entity knows for sure that its continuity and prosperity is linked to the continuation of external support, especially from the United States and the Jewish community in which it lives, and this will not be achieved if the entity abandons its identity and image that it painted for itself in The West as a representative of its values and as an advanced base for the colonial powers after their withdrawal from the region after World War II in the East.

All of the above, important as it is, does not answer the fundamental question: Is there a real difference between the essence of the current government coalition project, which is formed by the Zionist and religious right, and those who protest in the streets from the opposition? Here, it is necessary to distinguish between the position of the two sides on the internal dispute over the identity of the state, and the position of the Palestinians and their aspirations for freedom, independence and self-determination.

Regarding the position on internal changes and changing the identity of the state, the disagreement between the two parties is so real, radical and deep that strategic thinkers and senior security leaders consider it the number one threat to the entity at this stage, ahead of the Iranian nuclear threat as well as the conflict with the Palestinians.

Many intellectuals, intellectuals and political leaders have written about the danger of horizontal and vertical division in the state, the possibility of internal strife and civil war, and even the collapse of the entire entity similar to the previous experiences of the Jews in history thousands of years ago, as the Zionist writer and thinker David Basij considered in his book The Fifth Fall.

But when it comes to the attitude towards the Palestinians, the differences between the two sides – the government coalition and the opposition – are only formal, and the substance is the same. Some may question this conclusion and claim that the chances of resolving the conflict and achieving "peace and coexistence" between the two peoples are greater under the center and the left compared to the extreme right. Unfortunately, this is the narrative promoted by some in Israel and the West, and believed by many around the world.

Certainly, according to history and reality, this conclusion is completely wrong, as all figures and statistics on the conflict in Palestine confirm without a doubt that there is no fundamental difference between all the forces in the entity when it comes to the Palestinians, and this is evidenced recently by the fact that those responsible for protests against legal changes categorically reject the participation of any Palestinian in the protests against the government, as a Jewish-Jewish battle in which no outsiders have anything to do with it.

The plan adopted by Lapid's "change" government last year was that there is absolutely no solution to the conflict in the political sense, and the most that can be done is to "manage the conflict" and "calm the conflict" through some economic grants. However, there is no independent Palestinian political entity in the area between the sea and the river. Most of the wars and aggressions led by the entity against our Palestinian people, which left thousands of martyrs, wounded and prisoners, were led by the Israeli left: the 1948 war, the 1956 war, the 1967 war, the 1982 war, the policy of breaking bones in the first intifada, the Qana massacre, etc. Etcetera. All settlement projects and plans to control Palestinian resources over the decades since the establishment of the occupation state in 1948 have been carried out by leftist and center-wing forces.

The year 2022, in which Lapid (center) ruled in alliance with the left, was the worst and most brutal since 2005, leaving more than 230 martyrs in Gaza and the occupied West Bank. At its core, all the political plans of the Israeli parties are based on the Judaization of Jerusalem, the promotion of settlements, the denial of the Palestinians' right to an independent and fully sovereign state, the rejection of the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homes, and most importantly: the establishment of a Jewish state in which Jews enjoy more rights than other citizens.

Unfortunately, the Western powers that support Israel in general, and the opposition in particular, are well aware of this fact but turn a blind eye to it and do nothing to change it, as long as it does not conflict with or threaten their interests. Human rights are indivisible, and racism, whether soft or rough, visible or hidden behind sweet but empty words, will remain a heinous and ugly act and must be rejected everywhere, from anyone and against anyone, and Palestine is no exception.