Not even with the premiere of Survivors 2023 Telecinco manages to get out of the audience crisis that it has been experiencing for months. Although in the month of March the main Mediaset chain has improved two tenths in its screen share compared to last month -from 11% in February to 11.2% in March-, its prime time is still the third option of viewers and that with Survivors, the program that had to be its lifeline in that time slot.

As happened last month, the prime time of Telecinco has been surpassed by Antena 3, the chain that is once again the leading television with a 14% share and almost 13 million unique viewers in March, and by La 1, which improves its audiences in March four tenths compared to February – it goes from 8.7% to 9.1% – thanks to MasterChef and football -Copa del Rey and the matches of the selection.

While Antena 3 achieved a 15.6% share in prime time and La 1 10.4%, exceeding double digits, Telecinco remains at 9.9%. It almost recovers the double digits, thanks to Survivors that is the leader of that strip, but without the big data of yesteryear.

It's a matter of seeing what it compares to. If the audiences of Survivors 2023 are analyzed with the audiences of past editions, the result is negative. However, if compared with the audience data of the chain, which in this month of March are 11.2% of screen share, Survivors is still the great asset of Telecinco, since on average brand an average of 16% share, four points above the average of the chain, but four points below the average of Survivors 2022.

In addition, Antena 3 also comfortably leads the commercial target in prime time, the most appreciated by advertisers with a 13.5% share of screen.

The data show that even marking the worst month of March in its history, an 11.2% share of screen, the Mediaset chain slightly improves its audiences. It rises compared to the month of February, although little, only two tenths, and improves its prime time, but not enough compared to its two main competitors and that qe has two of the great assets of that strip in its grid, Survivors and The island of temptations.

While Antena 3 manages to be 17 consecutive months the leading television and maintains its greatest historical streak of leadership, Telecinco and La 1 fail to stand out. The data of Telecinco, although it has improved compared to February, is still a bad data considering that thanks to Survivors and The island of temptationshas been several nights audience leader. The reason is that, even though they are leading programs, they fail to reach those 19% of screen share that they marked in past editions.

Telecinco is trying, but as in all changes it takes time. After announcing its new Code of Ethics and the veto to 13 of its most famous faces, the chain has begun to look for how to give a 180-degree turn to its programming.

At the moment, it has reopened its doors to two of the strongest producers in the current television landscape, Boomerang TV and Shine Iberia. And new projects are coming, while others are canceled, as has happened with Déjate querer, and with the announcement of the new production of a program that Cristina Tárrega will present.

Unbeatable antenna 3

Even so, overcoming the leadership of Antena 3 will be very complicated. The main chain of Atresmedia, a group that also continues to be a leader and with one channel less than its competitor, leads in all slots of the day, except for the morning where El Programa de Ana Rosa continues to be the leader and the nights of Survivors.

The news is still from Antena 3. It adds 39 months of consecutive monthly leadership with a 19% share of screen in March, 7.7 points above those of Telecinco.

And the same goes for entertainment programs. Pasapalabra sweeps this March with the delivery of the largest jackpot in the history of the program and achieves historical maximum with 37.4%. It is the most watched program on television with 24.9% of screen share and 2,700,000 viewers. In addition, in March it has achieved its monthly maximum of the season. Pasapalabra leads Telecinco by 16.7 points in the strip of 20.00 hours and 21.00 hours, the longest historical distance.

But there is also El Hormiguero, which in March achieved a share of 16.5% and 2,400,000 viewers, being leader another month, at a distance of 7.2 points from Telecinco. And the tenth edition of Tu cara me suena, released last week with a 22.9% share of screen and 2,400,000 viewers, being the absolute leader of Friday night and the most watched of the day. And the same with Y ahora Sonsoles, which returns to lead the afternoon.

Also noteworthy this month are its daily series of desktop and afternoon, which lead Antena 3 to lead the afternoon from Monday to Friday with 14.7%, to 3.6 points of Telecinco in the largest advantage in the strip in 17 years, since April 2006.

As for the second generation chains, laSexta leads another month ahead of Cuatro. They are already 21 consecutive months in which the second chain of Atresmedia surpasses the second chain of Mediaset, and this time again with its season record (6.2%). In fact, it signs its best month in almost a year, since June 2022

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