Shaoxing, 4 April (Zhongxin Net) -- The name "Shaoxing," which was bestowed by the first emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty, is still in use today. In the new era of "not advancing or retreating", why is Shaoxing, which has traveled through ancient and modern times, "prosperous"?

Shaoxing is located between the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta and Hangzhou and Ningbo, and is known as the "Rome" of Zhejiang. At the beginning of 2023, Zhejiang proposed to implement the "sweet potato economy" to upgrade the "No. <> Opening Project", sounding the clarion call for deep cultivation of the "sweet potato economy" in various places, and also pointed out the direction for the new development of Shaoxing.

The vines of sweet potatoes stretch out in all directions, but the rhizomes are still in this soil, and the vines are to absorb more sunlight, rain, and play more photosynthesis. As an explorer of open economy, Shaoxing has the "genes" of sweet potatoes.

From the story of Yue Wang Gou lying down and tasting courage more than 2500,<> years ago, Shaoxing has successive generations of famous men, such as Wang Xizhi, the "Chinese Book Saint", Wang Yangming, the "Great Confucian of Heart Learning", Lu Xun, the "Backbone of the Nation", and Qiu Jin, the "Woman of Jianhu", etc., they traveled south and north, and some crossed the sea, but they were always connected with the hot land of Shaoxing and achieved mutual achievements.

People, the "first factor" of a city's prosperity, provide unlimited possibilities for sustainable development.

Expand the market, build a chamber of commerce, run the world... Yang Caiping, an overseas Chinese from Shaoxing, has been doing business in Kyrgyzstan for more than 20 years, selling pieces of cloth from his hometown to the world, and bringing back overseas business opportunities. Shaoxing River has always been the hometown of textiles, and now it has cultivated the largest professional market for fabrics in Asia, and overseas Chinese at home and abroad, including Yang Caiping, are practitioners who "spread" all over the world.

"Cloth, like a silent messenger." Yang Caiping mentioned this sentence several times in interviews, and in her heart, cloth builds a bridge of international trade and is also an important connection between overseas travelers and their hometown.

In fact, Yang Caiping, who dares to fight, has a deep national affection, and usually puts a lot of energy into the Bishkek CDAC Center in Kyrgyzstan to provide assistance to Chinese businessmen in Kyrgyzstan and promote non-governmental exchanges between China and Kyrgyzstan. "Although we are overseas, we always care about our hometown and will 'shout' for our hometown at any time." Yang Caiping said firmly.

Looking at the whole world, a large number of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, overseas Chinese, and private economic personnel are like vines that sweet potatoes cannot give up, which is a vivid portrayal of the 4,000 spirit of "walking through thousands of mountains and rivers, speaking thousands of words, thinking in every possible way, and enduring thousands of hardships", and is also a typical representative of the "sweet potato economy".

At the 2023 Shaoxing City Two Sessions held a few days ago, the secretary of the Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China warmly said to the Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese attending the meeting, "No matter how far you go or how long you leave, Shaoxing will always be your roots, and you are also an important force in Shaoxing's modernization construction." ”

"Open development is the characteristic advantage and distinctive symbol of Shaoxing's economy." In the warm period, the vast number of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, overseas Chinese and overseas people will give full play to the advantages of extensive overseas contacts and multiple exchange channels, act as a bridge and link for Shaoxing's opening-up, be a good ambassador for attracting investment and talents, and attract more overseas capital, high-end talents and advanced technologies to settle in their hometowns.

The nutrients return, the tubers grow, and the "sweet potato" becomes sweeter the more it is plowed. To continuously expand the "sweet potato economy", it is also necessary to cultivate new seedlings.

Shaoxing on weekdays and back to Shanghai on weekends, Li Aijun, dean of the Shaoxing Research Institute of Shanghai University, performed the realistic version of "A Tale of Two Cities", which is also a vivid embodiment of the "sweet potato economy". As a deputy to the Shaoxing Municipal People's Congress, Li Aijun said that Shaoxing's traditional industries are developed and strategic emerging industries are being cultivated. ”

In order to cultivate seedlings, Shaoxing Municipal Government and Shanghai University jointly established the Shaoxing Research Institute of Shanghai University, and now more than 100 talents introduced by the institute are stationed in Shaoxing to carry out technical research for emerging industries such as new materials and new energy. "Talents, science and technology, and innovation are like high-quality melon seedlings, supporting the high-quality development of Shaoxing." Li Aijun said.

In fact, in recent years, the local government has jointly established research institutes with more than 30 famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, and Tianjin University, and established the Shaoxing Research Institute Alliance to empower industrial development through "enterprise problems and college problem solving".

New, then prosperous. In recent years, Shaoxing, which is an "industrial city", has promoted the coordinated development of new and old industries, and four emerging industries such as biomedicine have been selected as Zhejiang's provincial "2022 In 7000, Shaoxing's GDP will pass the <> billion yuan mark, of which emerging industries have strong momentum and still have great potential.

According to Chen Yang, deputy to the Shaoxing Municipal People's Congress and president of the Planning and Consulting Institute of Huahui Group, in order to let mature sweet potatoes "huddle" development, realize the industrial foundation in Shaoxing, and the integration effect in Shaoxing, "For example, if we have 1000,<> sweet potatoes, we must coordinate the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, form a joint force through agglomeration, and enhance the industry's anti-risk ability and global competitiveness."

In this context, thick planting of "fertile fields" is crucial. The reporter learned that this year, Shaoxing will vigorously optimize the business environment, such as promoting a new round of "1+9" policies to directly reach fast enjoyment, in-depth implementation of the financing smooth project, improve the "Fengqiao-style" model of protecting enterprises and excellent business, etc., and let enterprises travel lightly to "fight the economy" through reform.

When activating the new engine, Chen Yang also believes that it is necessary to further strengthen the headquarters economy and building economy, so that more global headquarters can land in Shaoxing.

At present, one building headquarters after another has risen in Shaoxing, taking deeper and deeper roots. The reporter saw that in the prime area of Shaoxing City, the "Shaoxing Overseas Chinese Merchants Building" is in full swing, which will serve overseas Chinese businessmen at home and abroad to innovate and start businesses. Not only Shaoxing Overseas Chinese Merchant Building, Keqiao District Overseas Chinese Merchant Building is also just around the corner.

The internal and external linkage of resource elements and the continuous emergence of innovation vitality make the city change with each passing day. In the "change" and "new", culture always flows in the cells, which is the unchanging foundation for high-quality development.

"Shaoxing is a living museum where you can find history and the future, full of charm and opportunities." Yan Jianguo, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the Shaoxing Association of Hong Kong Compatriots, said in an interview.

Li Aijun also told reporters that choosing to develop in Shaoxing is a very important point of identification with Shaoxing culture, "For example, Lu Xun's literature was studied when he was a child." Coming here is not strange, but there is a sense of familiarity. ”

The grand rest of the Shao Yi world, the prosperity of a hundred years. Why is Shaoxing "Xing"? To "jump out of Shaoxing and develop Shaoxing", perhaps because of "people", or to rejuvenate with "new". Time is silent, but the answer will be given slowly. (End)