There's no one to grab a pencil, probably.

"Holy War" is not broadcast daily on the radio immediately after the anthem of Russia. And we should. "One such song is worth ten divisions." Then what does a pencil have to do with it?

Yes, at least despite the fact that life does not stand still. What came before, it doesn't happen now. But if in a new way...

There is no one to take a pencil and make a video for "Holy War". Moreover, it is not necessary that the Alexandrov Choir perform it. When we understand that nothing is necessary, but important and present remains so, regardless of the time.

Red Square is still real. And how old is she? And how many things did she see?

"Holy War" is real. Yes, there was a time, we, schoolchildren, ourselves got up when it sounded in class - on history or on literature ... Each class had its own notorious brawler, bully and buzoteur. The number is usually up to three. So, for all their cretinism, I don't recall a case where the words "Get up, the country is huge..." at least someone allowed themselves something - numb and stoned for the duration of the performance ...

We don't know anything for sure.

Yes, Vasily Lebedev-Kumach wrote the text of the Holy War on the night of June 23-24, 1941. And it was published in Izvestia and Krasnaya Zvezda.

Yes, Alexander Alexandrov wrote the music on the same day, and already on June 26 in Moscow at the Belorussky railway station "Holy War" in the performance of one of the orchestral groups of the Red Banner Ensemble, songs and dances of the USSR sounded for the troops leaving for the front.

Yes, until October 15, 1941, "Holy War" was not broadcast on the radio daily - it was considered too gloomy, not victorious "little blood on the territory of the enemy."

And only when panic began in Moscow, when the Germans took Kaluga and Rzhev, entered Kalinin and approached Tula ... That's just then.

Is it providence?

Is it the finger of God pointing?

It's like a squirt from a pool with an invisible hand - after all, there was no one on the shore and there was no one ... We, as always, are all ourselves. We crazy people don't need anyone — no one but ourselves...

The "holy war" united everyone with everyone. She appealed, unable to reflect in the text both the host of languages of the USSR and the host of peoples inhabiting it, to everything that determined home and love, and happiness, and bread, and life itself.

Believers and non-believers. Single and family. Military and civilian. Men and women. Children and the elderly. Sick and healthy.

That's how we won then. Because to each individually, but also to all together, both those music and those words were addressed.

People can't write that. What's the big deal. People can write it down. All those who "will not leave in trouble" in those days converged in Heaven, bent over us, over our grief and gave support. Inner thousandth concrete. What is he, man?! Arms, legs, belly: Poke and there is none. Dust... But the thousandth concrete. And they broke their teeth against him. "Dear guests..."

So why isn't Holy War on the radio every day?

Immediately after the anthem of Russia.

Why isn't it on TV (what's that word...)?

Give the processing. Let it be processed. Give me a pencil. Allow a pencil. Do this, let me make your chest tear from the first notes and the first frames.

Give support.

To everyone.

Do it to someone.

I can't do that, except here are the texts.

But you can.

"Holy war" is like a fuse. If there is no detonation, there is no detonation. Are we afraid of detonation? Just like before October 15, 1941?

Propaganda is a sharpened weapon of bold and established thought. Propaganda is a collective expression of a single impulse that can sweep away any enemy.

Well, yes – "Holy War" is propaganda. Of the highest order.

There is such a cartoon. Cartoon. "The first squad. The moment of truth." I'm not crazy, I'm telling you a story. Real. So there's that. Cartoon. More than an hour goes by. Anime - ours together with the Japanese and Canadians did. Back in 2009, about the pioneer heroes (you don't just have to wriggle at once) and how they, as part of the secret First Squad, fight both in this and in the other world with demons and officers of Hitler's Ahnenerbe.

Cruel mysticism? As it were, yes. And as if not.

After all, I say: "Holy War" people only recorded.

You'll watch this "First Squad. The moment of truth." Nothing like this is near and hasn't been. There are meanings - wagons (maybe those that the shells delivered to the fronts of the Great Patriotic War). Meanings are like projectiles. If chiseled accurately, precisely stuffed - they lie on target without a miss, beat without mercy.

So what? Gave the cartoon a patriotic wide green light? By the way, it was not filmed with the money of the state.

Nope. Trampled. We discussed highbrow round tables. Rolled allusions, illusions and powerful cultural analysis. As a result, there was no sequel... And in Japan it was not shown - the Japanese crumpled, crumpled, then admitted: "The role of the USSR in the Second World War is not very well known and understandable, and then ... We kind of lost..."

There is no lighthouse. No Mayakovsky. He would have given two lines under his breath:

What's a long way to look?!

Circular sit and wait.

- We don't have to think with you,

if the chiefs think.

If the chiefs are, of course...

And if you?

I'm talking about sages who have branded a cartoon.

It's a pity they don't perform one forgotten verse from The Holy War, but they used to perform it. It's very defining...

Like two different poles,

In everything we are hostile:

For light and peace we are fighting,

They are for the realm of darkness.

We are still for light and peace, our enemies are for darkness without any stretch.

March 22 is the day of remembrance of Khatyn, and indeed of all the villages and towns burned to the ground by the Nazis.

On March 24, we recall the bombing of Yugoslavia.

And any other day...

We need meanings. Both old and new. And so that everyone understands what it is about. After all, everything was clear - with one song everything was said. What wouldn't happen again? There are different history lessons. Some would be good to learn again.

And those who are younger will hear us.

To put it in plain language.

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