Xiangjiang River to the north

Meander and write a "U" that opens to the right

Embrace the "Lotus City" Xiangtan tightly into your arms

View of Xiangtan City.

Here Shaofeng is majestic, and Wufeng is reckless

The red gene is passed down from generation to generation

Here Xiangshui is beautiful, and Zhaoshan is green

Famous mountains and beautiful scenery

Here the ten thousand buildings are majestic, and the Yao Bay is noisy

The context has a long history


Here it is

People in this life

A must visit to Xiangtan

Xiangtan is nicknamed "Lotus City" because of its abundance of Xianglian.

If the city has color

The great man's hometown Xiangtan is not allowed to be "red"

This is the "place where the red sun rises"

Mao Zedong, Peng Dehuai, Huang Gongluo, Chen Geng, Tan Zheng, etc

The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries set sail with this original aspirations

Many unique red resources have been formed

Qiuyun, the former residence of Comrade Mao Zedong in Shaoshan. Photo by Li Dingsheng

"I like to see the thousands of waves of rice, and the sunset smoke of heroes everywhere"

Shaoshan, one of the four major revolutionary monuments in China

It witnessed the glorious course of Mao Zedong's birth, growth and revolution

It has received hundreds of millions of tourists at home and abroad

Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall archway.

"Whoever dares to cross the knife immediately, only I am General Peng"

Peng Dehuai's hometown of Liwushi was on fire because of "red"

With the hot "36 Fang" rural study tourism base

Chen Geng's former residence. Photo by Zhou Lichun

The birthplace of Jiang Wan, the prime minister of the Three Kingdoms, is Xiangxiang City

Dongshan School, the former site of Mao Zedong's Xiangxiang study

"Beaded into a chain" with Huang Gongluo, Chen Geng, Tan Zheng and other generals' former residences

The number of people coming here for study and tourism is increasing day by day

Dongshan Academy is Mao Zedong's alma mater. Photo by Wen Duanzhong

Step into every revolutionary site, celebrity residence, memorial venue

Every step contains a thought-provoking red story

The red performing arts project "The Most Remembered Shaoshan Chong".

Red performance, red taste, red homestay and other special IPs

Dig deep into red resources and enrich tourism

Promote the construction of Xiangtan into a red tourism destination with international influence

Shaoshan Dripping Cave.

The red gene is deeply rooted in Xiangtan and passed down from generation to generation

It also provides it with majestic spiritual kinetic energy

Red tourism makes Shaoshan more beautiful. Fame is taken

"The most beautiful tour guide" Wen Hua Branch

"Dream Chasing Boy" Yang Huaibao

"Bench mother" Xu Yuehua

"Great country craftsman" Ai Aiguo


Today, the light of morality shines in Xiangtan

Dongfanghong Square. Photo by Tian Qingwei

If the city has color

The city of mountains and rivers, Xiangtan is full of "green"

Xiangtan is named because "the border is close to Xiangshui, and there is Zhaotan in the territory"

The mountains connect to Hengyue, and the water connects to Xiaoxiang

From ancient times to the present, thousands of mountains are emerald, and the blue water is clear

Range Rover Zhaosan. Photo by Zeng Xiangping

"Green water warmth green apple, Xiangtan spring in thousands of miles"

"Chuxiu Qianfeng Bi, Xiangtan One Leaf Yellow"

"Shaoshan Xiuba Jiang Qing, the weather can also be gentry"

"The chaotic peak is still clear and wet, and the mountain city is faint and far away"


Thousands of years ago, Xu Hun, Wei Yuan, Wang Anshi, Mi Fu and so on

Just splash ink on the mountains and waters here

Zhaoshan Ancient Temple.

The sun and the moon change, and the spring and autumn are easy

The city between mountains and rivers has a new look

Zhaoshan Rush Lupo Resort.

One of the eight scenic spots of Xiaoxiang, the "mountain city Qinglan" Zhaoshan Mountain

Become the "green heart" of Changzhutan urban agglomeration

Water House Tourism Area that enjoys the reputation of "Tianxia Water House and Yao Chi in the World". Photo by Chen Sheng

Shuifumiao Reservoir is the largest artificial reservoir in central Xiang

It is equivalent to the size of 8 Hangzhou West Lakes

The islands on the lake are dotted with stars

One island, one scene, a thousand islands

Xiangtan Panlong Grand View Garden is full of spring. Photo by Fang Yang

Covering an area of 11600,<> acres, Panlong Grand View Park

Birds singing and flowers, step by step

It is an ecological leisure park for tourists to enjoy flowers and vacations

Maohu Water Township.




湘潭和平公园。周立春 摄








齐白石公园。田年轻 摄








白石广场。周立春 摄





齐白石故居。周铁东 摄








"Wan Lou Xing, Xiangtan Xing"

It was built in the forty-third year of the Wanli Dynasty in the Ming Dynasty

"lit up" after more than 400 years

It has become a new landmark of Xiangtan cultural tourism

Wujia Fist. Photo by Tian Qingwei

The rich intangible cultural heritage is a treasure of Xiangtan Lake

National intangible cultural heritage items Qingshan Suona and Wujia Fist

It has a long history and is widely spread

Fire Dragon Dance. Photo by Xu Yongju

Xiangtan "Fire Dragon Dance" passed down for hundreds of years

Cruise through country trails or fields

Pray for a good New Year and abundant grains

Stone drum oil paper (cloth) umbrella. Photo by Wu Longhui

Stone drum oil paper (cloth) umbrella was once one of the means of livelihood for Xiangtan people

Now it has become a new way for local farmers to become rich and well-off

It will use local paper cuts, suona, shadow puppets, ink paintings, etc

Blended into one furnace, unique among the various paper umbrellas

Luban Hall is one of the three ancient buildings in Xiangtan City. Photo by Zhou Lichun

If the city has color

The city of gastronomy, Xiangtan is colorful in five "colors"

A history of Hunan cuisine, half written in Xiangtan

Special geographical location and human environment

It creates the taste of "earthy, special, seasonal and fresh" Xiangtan taste

Chop the head of the fish with pepper.

A chopped pepper fish head that means "good luck"

Spicy and tender, it is unforgettable

Mao's braised pork.

The famous Mao's braised pork

Fat but not greasy, the taste melts in the mouth

Lotus Pond Medicated Local Chicken.

"Intangible Cultural Heritage Delicacy" Lotus Pond Medicinal Chicken

Slightly sweet and slightly salty taste, nourishing and nutritious

Crispy grilled fish.

Crispy grilled fish is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside

It is suitable for both meals and wine

Rock sugar Xiang white lotus.

Hunan cuisine: rock sugar, Xiang white lotus

It has changed the world's concept of Hunan cuisine without spicy

Xiangtan "intangible cultural heritage" cuisine.

Dragon brand soy sauce, wick cake

Medicinal candy and cake flowers in the middle

"Intangible Cultural Heritage" cuisine is integrated into modern life

Eating is homesickness, tasting is culture

A bridge over the Xiangjiang River in Xiangtan Lake. Photo by Tian Qingwei

Today's Xiangtan is opening a new chapter

With a surging wave of innovation

It is the Changzhutan metropolitan area

Enter the vitality that is endless

Xiangtan Jinyuan Square.

In your eyes

What color is Xiangtan ?

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