In order to further solve the practical difficulties of prisoners who have completed their sentences and find it difficult to find employment, help prisoners better return to society, and increase the confidence of prisoners in reform. Recently, Hulan Prison in Heilongjiang Province launched the signing ceremony for opening up the "last mile" for ex-prisoners to get out of prison and employment and the 2023 annual employment negotiation activity for ex-prisoners, fully mobilizing and using social forces to participate in the work of starting businesses and job placements for ex-prisoners.

Zhang Yucheng, secretary of the party committee and prison director of Hulan Prison in Heilongjiang Province

After investigation, we found that criminals who are about to be released from prison are generally worried about employment after returning home, and the prison party committee regards opening up the "last mile" of employment for released prisoners as an important task to overcome difficulties. The prison actively contacted the Harbin Employment (Service) Center, the Beilin District Bureau of Justice of Suihua City and the (Harbin) Xiangfang District Lihua Vocational Training School, and after joint research, we established the Lihua Vocational Training School to conduct targeted technical training for prisoners in prison, and after the release of prison, the Harbin Employment (Service) Center contacted the enterprise for transitional placement. The establishment of this kind of work placement mechanism for released prisoners not only makes criminals more at ease in prison reform, more attentive to study, and more at ease, but also plays a positive role in promoting and guaranteeing their rapid integration into society, returning to normal life, and reducing the rate of recidivism.

【Explanation】During the activity, representatives of Hulan Prison in Heilongjiang Province and employing enterprises conducted in-depth exchanges on how to solve the "urgent, difficult, worried, and hopeful problems" of ex-prisoners, "training for entrepreneurship and employment guidance", "employment and livelihood ability after leaving prison", and "how to effectively reduce the rate of re-offending by ex-prisoners", reached a high degree of consensus on the construction of a joint "double extension" system of "extending social assistance and education to prisons, and expanding prison education to society", and formally signed a contract. During this event, 70 prisoners who were about to be released from prison signed employment intentions with 8 domestic enterprises including Heilongjiang Chuangyi Human Resources Co., Ltd., Shandong Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., and Harbin Qinhan Technology Co., Ltd.

【During the same period】Wang Sijia, personnel manager of Heilongjiang Chuangyi Human Resources Co., Ltd

Now there are some shipyards in Harbin or Jiangsu in the province, he will recruit some welders, general workers, operators, including some assembly line workers in Harbin in our province, today we also visited our (Heilongjiang Province) Hulan Prison, for the management of the prison, and for the current prisoners they have the work skills, are more in line with (requirements).

The salary we provide to workers here is about 4000,6000 (yuan) to 10,20 (yuan), if it is said that the piecework may be more, other benefits include the possibility of paying insurance, we will also provide food and accommodation, and for those who have just been employed, we will also carry out one side of care and subsidies. At present, the effect is relatively good, because we are also consulting in groups now, there are about one or two groups just now, and the number of people who have communication intentions on our side has reached more than <> to <> people.

【During the same period】General Manager of Harbin Qinhan Technology Co., Ltd. Zheng Yan

We can now see that we mainly provide them with inspectors, account managers, which can not only enter the urban social life, but also be able to cut in from the simplest, most basic, and learning ability of this kind of position, and the hardship rate is not high, and the academic requirements and services for everyone are still relatively equal, so this is some of the positions we mainly provide. Now we should have 10 people who have signed the order, from their communication, speech, expression, including their eyes are very positive for entering society, including their various emotions.

[During the same period] inmates

As a prisoner who is about to be released from prison, I am very grateful to Hulan Prison (Heilongjiang Province) and the enterprises that came today for their help to us, and I am also full of expectations for returning to society and my life. I think that these two jobs I applied for are very serious, very rigorous work, and the requirements for my own technical aspects are very high, so I will work well and I will cherish this opportunity very much.

It is understood that Hulan Prison in Heilongjiang Province will take this event as an opportunity to insist on carrying out employment guidance, entrepreneurship training, special skills training, and job placement for released prisoners who are about to be released after completing their sentences, and continuously improve and improve the employment placement mechanism for ex-prisoners that integrates education and correction, social assistance and education, and job placement, effectively enhancing the livelihood ability and employment skills of ex-prisoners, and providing a strong guarantee for the smooth return of ex-prisoners to society.

Reporting by Liu Lu from Harbin, Heilongjiang

Responsible Editor: [Li Ji]