Beijing, April 4 (Reporter Chen Hang) Beijing Municipal Forest Defense Office issued an orange warning of forest fire risk on March 1, April 3 and 31 coincided with the peak of the Qingming Festival, and recently Beijing has no precipitation, dry weather, high forest fire risk level, forest fire prevention situation is grim, it is strictly forbidden to carry fire into the forest area, and it is strictly forbidden to use fire in the wild.

The Beijing Meteorological Department said that the south wind in Beijing was obvious on the afternoon of the 1st to the 2nd, and the gusts were large, which was the peak of the Qingming Festival, so please pay attention to wind and fire prevention when going out; Recently, the concentration of pollen is extremely high, and sensitive people pay attention to health protection.

Carry out fire simulation drills

Recently, the Beijing Mentougou District Fire Rescue Detachment carried out three simulation activities: mountain fire experiment, fire fighting and rescue practical exercise, and illegal occupation of fire lane clean-up action, to strengthen the fire safety work in the cemetery during the Qingming Festival.

The fire department reminds that during the Qingming Festival, the majority of car owners and drivers are requested to standardize parking, park the vehicle in the parking lot and parking position according to the actual situation, and it is strictly forbidden to illegally occupy the fire lane; If you go to the cemetery, you must strictly abide by the fire prevention regulations, and it is strictly forbidden to use open flames, burn paper money, set off fireworks, etc.; Do not litter cigarette butts, dry weather in spring, dead branches and leaves everywhere in the mountains and forests, a little Mars may cause a fire, so do not leave cigarette butts and fire, such as sudden fire, to stay calm, call 119 in time.

On the 2nd, the concentration in urban areas was at a high level

The Beijing Meteorological Department said that the pollen concentration monitoring results in Beijing on March 3 were: an average of 31 grains per 937,4 square millimeters, a high concentration. The pollen count in urban areas is expected to be 2 to 800,1100 grains per <>,<> square millimeters on April <>, which is at an extremely high level.

According to the meteorological department, the pollen species in Beijing are mainly cypress and poplar and ash trees. On the 2nd, the sky had more clouds, short-term wind, and rapid temperature rise, which was more conducive to pollen diffusion, and pollen concentration was at a very high level. Sensitive people should stay away from places with dense allergic trees and wear masks, nasal filters, goggles and other equipment when going out. (End)