【Commentary】Station banners the size of needles, train ticket gates smaller than fingernails... Recently, "post-95" Lanzhou youth created a 1:160 Lanzhou West Station model video, which became popular on emerging online social platforms. Lanzhou West Railway Station is the largest road network railway passenger hub station in western China and one of the ten regional passenger transport centers planned by China Railway Corporation. Zhu Zhiyuan, who has liked to make models since childhood, found that people's impression of Lanzhou was just a bowl of noodles in the process of studying and working abroad, so he wanted to make a miniature model of Lanzhou West Railway Station through his specialty to show the new style of the Silk Road, and also hoped to let more people know his hometown.

【Contemporaneous】Zhu Zhiyuan

At the beginning, I used my mobile phone to record a lot of photos of Lanzhou, took them to my classmates, and introduced them to what Lanzhou is like. I found that the lens was still too one-sided, so I thought I could give full play to my expertise in this area and introduce a three-dimensional Lanzhou to everyone through my hands. So with this in mind, I decided to do some landmarks in Lanzhou. What is the reason for choosing Lanzhou West Railway Station in the end, because Lanzhou West Railway Station is the first stop for many of our foreign tourists to come to Lanzhou, and he went to know Lanzhou from the station building of Lanzhou West Railway Station. The station design of Lanzhou West Railway Station also incorporates a lot of our local design language, such as the auspicious cloud design above the station building, which is actually from the Dunhuang mural, and there is art in this area integrated into it.

【Explanation】The model clearly restores the details of Lanzhou West Railway Station, such as the entrance to the station, advertising slogans and signs, etc., and also adds a powered train model and lighting circuit, which can simulate the busy scene of the train entering and leaving the station. From checking the data over and over again, comparing the model drawings of the building, to completing the production for nearly half a month, Zhu Zhiyuan, who is not an architecture major, encountered various problems in the production process and relied on his own continuous research.

【Contemporaneous】Zhu Zhiyuan

In fact, I thought about the façade curve of Guanglanzhou West Railway Station for almost two days. Because Lanzhou West Railway Station you see that its curve settings are more, so how to use these materials I have in my hand to make them show the curve? Every day as long as I am free, I think about how this thing should be set up, how to do it better, sometimes it is a point that pops up in my head, and then quickly record it, and then go to the computer to draw it. Finally, repeated revisions and repeated deliberation determined the approximate proportions of this façade and determined its dimensions.

【Commentary】Zhu Zhiyuan said that making models made him feel very interesting to understand the overall style of the building from different perspectives, and he also hoped that he could make more models with the theme of Gansu cultural characteristics to attract more people to know and understand Gansu culture.

【Contemporaneous】Zhu Zhiyuan

As a Lanzhou person in the new era, the way we go to show Lanzhou and show the style of Gansu is not necessarily limited to one way. As a large cultural province, Gansu has a very rich cultural heritage, and as a major transportation province, its transportation status is also very important. So under these two points, how to tell the story of a new Gansu, I think it can be shown more through my model. For example, our Mogao Grottoes in Gansu, such as the Zhongchuan Airport T3 Terminal under construction in Lanzhou, which represents our Gansu culture on the one hand, and the weather of our new Gansu on the other hand, so I think it is very meaningful to do these things.

Wang Muyu reports from Lanzhou, Gansu

Responsible Editor: [Li Ji]