Rapper Fricky, who broke through with what has been called northern r'n'b, has with the new song "Nattbussen" started to move towards a darker sound. Fricky himself has said that the song will be the last of Fricky that we remember him.

"He wants to say goodbye to his past in order to do something new musically. And he hints that there will be a new album later this spring, so it's very exciting," says Tali da Silva.

Untapped song release

American rapper Tyler, the creator surprised his fans by releasing an unexpected single this week. New song "DOGTOOTH" was supposed to have been featured on the album "Call me if you get lost", which was released in 2021, but did not make it onto the album. The song has raised some questions in fans.

- He raps that anyone who doesn't know his grandmother's or daughter's name will never be able to be his real friend. To my knowledge, he doesn't have a daughter in real life, so there's been a lot of question marks among fans. But you have to interpret it figuratively and metaphorically," says Tali da Silva.

Debut single

The Swedish artist Waterbaby, who has been heard on the song "Stockholmsvy" by Hannes, has released his first song of his own. "Airforce blue" is a soul pop song with autotune.

"This is probably one of the songs we'll be playing a lot this spring," says Tali da Silva.