Pingxiang, Jiangxi, 3 Mar -- The "Yuzhang Academy Case" Retrial Opens in a Different Place: Clues to New Crimes Raised The defendant apologized in court

Reporter Li Yunhan

On the 31st, the much-watched "Yuzhang Academy Illegal Detention Case" retrial was held at the Anyuan District People's Court in Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province.

Yuzhang Academy Self-cultivation Education Specialized School (hereinafter referred to as "Yuzhang Academy") is a private non-academic education and training institution located in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, founded by Wu Junbao in May 2013. In October 5, "Yuzhang Academy" was exposed to be suspected of illegally detaining students. Since then, the school has been closed, and some students have reported the case to the police.

In July 2020, Wu Junbao, Ren Weiqiang and five others were convicted of illegal detention in the first instance. The two defendants appealed. The plaintiff in the incidental civil action appealed the issue of tuition reimbursement. In December 7, the Nanchang Intermediate Court found that the facts of the first-instance judgment were unclear and ruled to remand for retrial. In February 2020, the Jiangxi High Court designated the Anyuan District People's Court of Pingxiang City to have jurisdiction over the case in a different place.

The picture shows the Anyuan District People's Court of Pingxiang City on that day. Photo by Li Yunhan

Trial scene: The prosecution supplemented the prosecution to add the content of 7 victims illegally detained

At the scene of the trial, the prosecution supplemented the prosecution, adding the content of the illegal detention of 12 victims to the original accusation that the defendant illegally detained 7 students. The 19 victims in this case were all students of "Yuzhang Academy".

During the trial hearing, the reporter noticed that the two victimized students, Bei Bei (pseudonym) and Chu Wu (net name), also arrived at the trial scene. During the prosecutor's reading of the indictment, the lawyer claimed that the victimized student, Chu Wu, applied to withdraw from the plaintiff's seat due to physical discomfort caused by emotional stress, and Chu Wu continued to observe the trial in the gallery accompanied by medical staff.

Previous judgments show that Wu Junbao, Ren Weiqiang and others violated the provisions of the school's operating permit by administering "Morita therapy" related to psychotherapy and mental disorder treatment activities on students of the school, setting up "boring relief rooms" (also known as "fasting rooms" and "meditation rooms") in the school, bringing students into confinement and arranging personnel to supervise them, illegally depriving students of their personal freedom.

Defendant Wu Junbao said at the trial scene on the same day that he recognized that the "boring relief room" caused the illegal detention of the victimized students, and used tools such as "ruler" and "bamboo whip" in the process of educating students, and said that he would inform the parents of the students by phone before using the "ruler", and signed a corresponding education agreement.

The picture shows the victimized student (first and second right) outside the court after the trial. Photo by Li Yunhan

Lawyer representing the victimized student: Presented multiple clues on new charges

The lawyer representing him said at the trial that the relevant evidence showed that "Morita therapy" was a medical method used to treat mental disorders, that "Yuzhang Academy" was not qualified to practice medicine, and that the defendant still had the possibility of illegally practicing medicine.

The lawyer also claimed that witnesses testified that Yuzhang Academy staff impersonated police officers and forcibly took the victim from their home. As a result, the defendant may also have the possibility of "impersonating a state official".

The victim, Bei Bei, also said at the trial that he had been handcuffed and undressed and put in a "boring relief room", and was also required to do work such as "moving cement". The lawyer believes that the defendant may have forced labor or abuse in the above circumstances.

Regarding the clues of the new crime raised by the above-mentioned lawyer, Wu Junbao's defender said that there was a lack of relevant evidence.

The defendant apologized in court, and the victim student said "never forgive"

The reporter learned that all five defendants pleaded guilty and accepted punishment. In their final statements, all five defendants apologized to all the victims.

The victim student Chu Wu said: "I can never forgive Wu Junbao and others for the great harm they caused me when I was a child. ”

Another victimized student, Bei Bei, also said that Wu Junbao and others were subjectively malignant and had a great adverse impact on society, and they could not live and work normally to this day, and did not accept the apology of Wu Junbao and others.

Shang Manqing, the victim's lawyer, said in an interview after the trial that he hoped that everyone would forget the case in their memories so that the children could return to normal life, but he also hoped that everyone would remember the impact of this case to prevent the tragedy from happening again.

At the end of the trial, the court adjourned the trial and will announce the verdict at a different date. (End)