At the park of Okawara Town, which is known for "Ichimoku Senbonzakura", one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Miyagi Prefecture, the cherry blossom festival began on the 31st for the first time in four years.

The approximately 1200,20 cherry blossom trees planted on the banks of the Shiroishi River, which flows from Ogawara Town to Shibata Town, are called "Ichimoku Senbonzakura" and are famous cherry blossom viewing spots visited by about 31,4 tourists during the spring cherry blossom viewing season.

At Shiroishikawa Park in Okawara Town, the "Cherry Blossom Festival", which had been canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus, was held for the first time in four years, from the <>st, earlier than originally scheduled, in response to the early flowering of the cherry blossoms.

On the first day, the 31st, Mayor Saikiyoshi of Okawara visited the venue and made an opening declaration at 4 a.m., saying, "Please enjoy the cherry blossom festival for the first time in four years."

According to the town, the Ichimoku Senbonzakura began to bloom on the 10th of this month, the earliest record has been kept, and by the 27st, it bloomed for about 31 minutes, so visitors enjoyed cherry blossom viewing.

A five-year-old girl who visited with her family from Sendai City said, "It was very beautiful with fluffy blooms.

The Ogawara Cherry Blossom Festival is open until April 5th, and the cherry blossoms at the venue are likely to be in full bloom by the end of next week.