Shanghai, 3 Mar (ZXS) -- Topic: Small coffee narrows the distance between people and leverages big industries in Shanghai

Written by Xie Mengyuan

Beef noodle coffee that combines salty, sweet and spicy flavors, Qingdao "Huazi" coffee that requires specific gestures to serve meals, old vinegar American coffee inspired by Shanxi aged vinegar... The 29th Lujiazui Financial City International Coffee Culture Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Coffee Festival) opened on the evening of the 5th, opening a five-day exhibition, and about 260 coffee brands landed on the largest open lawn in downtown Shanghai - Lujiazui Center Greenland.

Coffee has taken root here since the first coffee beans landed on the beach in 1844. According to the "2022 China Coffee Consumption Insight Report", as of the end of June 2022, there were 6,7857 cafes in Shanghai, ranking first in the world, with Lujiazui Street as the "coffee concentration".

At night, the high-rise buildings around the green space in the center of Lujiazui are brightly lit, and tourists hold a cup of coffee, talking and laughing and shuttling between the coffee shops. "I think coffee is not just a drink, but a connecting medium." Li Zhiwei, deputy director of the Lujiazui Street Office, told reporters that the Lujiazui area gathers the largest number of financial institutions in the city and even the country and nearly 30,<> financial white-collar workers, where coffee is the "glue" in business negotiations and daily communication, "From the perspective of Shanghai's economic composition, the foreign capital component is high, which requires the construction of a discourse platform for international exchanges, at this time a cup of coffee can narrow the distance between business exchanges and each other." ”

Shanghai's coffee must not only have the Shanghai brand, Li Zhiwei also hopes to absorb the unique coffee taste and cultural customs of other cities, "This time we chose 12 head coffee brands from other cities, they have not yet set up branches in Shanghai, we hope to introduce them to Shanghai, let them feel the coffee atmosphere of Shanghai in 5 days, and be more confident to set up their first store in Pudong." ”

Small coffee leverages big industry. Previously, Shanghai planned to rely on Hongqiao International Coffee Port to strengthen the industrial layout through a series of measures such as building a "bean to cup" coffee import and export service platform, promoting relevant financial institutions to launch special financial products for coffee trade, establishing coffee trade alliances, and promoting coffee enterprises to go deeper into production areas.

In addition, the organizers of the coffee festival will also build a "coffee circle" of industry pendant media to connect the upstream and downstream of the industry to build an interconnected community in the coffee industry. In the future, the "Coffee Creative Industry Park" and "Coffee Culture Characteristic Theme Block" will also take root in the Lujiazui area.

The right hand shakes the coffee cup, the left hand steadily pours the foamed milk, and as soon as the "hook" and "lift", the Oriental Pearl jumps on the "coffee"... The small coffee beans are linked to the opportunity for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. This year's coffee festival has added a professional competition section - the first Shanghai Coffee Lacquard Competition, which builds an authoritative communication platform for professional coffee technology players at home and abroad, and promotes China's coffee technology to the international stage. In October this year, the Coffee Festival will take international development as a new starting point, hold an international coffee forum that gathers veterans and authoritative leaders in the coffee industry, and promote the exchange and interaction of professional players in the coffee field at home and abroad.

"I think the difference between coffee beans is not much, the real difference is in the local culture." Chen Wei, chief planner of the coffee festival, said: "In the future, we will bring coffee from different cities in China to the world, maybe this sounds very grand, but in fact, it is our real dream, I hope to let others see how coffee can be more cultural and interesting after the imported coffee Chinese enter China." ”

A cup of coffee not only reflects the "height" of Shanghai, but also conveys the temperature of the city's humanistic care. As early as 2021, some streets in Shanghai cooperated with coffee brands to create "red gas stations" for new employment groups such as "takeaway brothers", providing them with coffee and rest spaces in fixed locations.

At the coffee festival site, unlike most businesses that make and chat with customers at the same time, a group of baristas keep their heads down, quietly focus on the work at hand, and then hand out the coffee with a smile. Although the booth of this year's Coffee Festival is "hard to find", there is still room for special projects such as DreamWorks Coffee Bar, Shanghai's first supportive employment base for mentally disabled youth, the first coffee shop certified by Chinese mainland public welfare enterprise, and "silent barista". (End)