Civil aviation has entered the summer and autumn aviation season, and the ticket prices of many outbound destinations have reappeared "diving". As of March 3, air ticket prices for many Southeast Asian destinations showed a downward trend in April and May, and some platforms even saw a low price of about 29 yuan for direct flights to Singapore. In addition, air fares to Japan, the United Kingdom and other countries have also dropped significantly. This summer, with the gradual recovery of international flight capacity, outbound travel is expected to usher in the best time.

Fares to Southeast Asia fell by 50%.

During the summer and autumn season this year, 28 domestic airlines plan to arrange 6772,<> international scheduled passenger flights per week, of which Southeast Asian capacity has recovered faster.

From the perspective of air ticket prices, the recent air ticket prices to Southeast Asia have shown a significant downward trend. According to Ctrip's data, cross-border air ticket prices in Southeast Asia fell the most, with the average price of domestic one-way air tickets to Southeast Asia this week being RMB1435,2 including tax, down 22% from the same period in February, and the average price of one-way air tickets from Southeast Asia inward including tax was RMB1707,7, down <>% month-on-month.

According to the data provided by Qunar, air ticket prices for destinations led by Singapore have dropped significantly. On the Qunar platform, from April to May, the price of direct tax-inclusive air tickets from Guangzhou, Nanning and Haikou to Singapore was as low as about 4 yuan, and the round-trip was about 5,500 yuan, down 1200% from the beginning of February.

Airfares to Thailand also continue to fall. The relevant person in charge of Ctrip said that Chiang Mai, Thailand, was selected as the top three most affordable destinations among popular booking destinations, with an average one-way ticket price of 1632,5 yuan. According to Ctrip's app, taking the Beijing-Chiang Mai route as an example, the lowest fare for direct flights in May was 2100,3 yuan, down more than 30% from the price of 4480,50 yuan on March <>.

Dragon Boat Festival Beijing direct flight to Osaka is now low price

In addition to Southeast Asia, many airlines have recently opened new routes to Japan, the United Kingdom and other countries, and air ticket prices have also dropped significantly.

According to Qunar data, on April 4, the price of Tianjin-Tokyo direct flights including tax was 16,2572 yuan, and the price of Beijing-Tokyo direct flights was 2976,3 yuan, down nearly 1658% from March. According to Ctrip's App, during this year's Dragon Boat Festival, the price of direct flights from Beijing to Osaka even appeared at a low price of <>,<> yuan.

In addition, the price of air tickets to the UK that was as high as more than 8000,3 yuan last year also dropped to about 30,423 yuan. According to Qunar platform, taking the direct flight from Chengdu to London as an example, the lowest fare of Air China's CA2955 economy class flight on March <> was only <>,<> yuan.

Summer outbound travel is cost-effective

As we enter the summer and autumn season, many airlines have announced new international route plans.

Air China will resume routes from Beijing to Rome and Chengdu to Phuket in the summer and autumn seasons, and plans to resume destinations such as Gimpo in Seoul and Gatwick in London, as well as destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Busan, Munich, Auckland and Barcelona in the middle of the season. China Southern Airlines will launch the new route from Beijing Daxing to Moscow in the summer and autumn seasons, with four flights per week, and one flight per day from June 4. Subsequently, international routes from Beijing Daxing to London will be opened.

Not only domestic airlines, but also foreign airlines are encrypting international routes. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) has also announced its 2023 summer flight schedule for China, which will operate a total of 4 passenger flights to four destinations in the Chinese market. Among them, the Amsterdam-Beijing and Beijing-Amsterdam routes will be increased to one flight per day from May 19.

Willun Wermin, General Manager of Air France-KLM Greater China, said: "We will resume and add flights to four destinations in Greater China in the summer of 2023. We look forward to a recovery in the international aviation industry in the summer of 4. ”

Talking about whether the summer air ticket price will fall further, Li Hanming, a civil aviation industry insider, said that it is still inconclusive. "Airfares are affected by many factors, including visas, travel needs of tourists, etc."

Wu Liyun, associate professor at the China Culture and Tourism Industry Research Institute of Beijing Second Foreign Chinese University, said: "From the perspective of the composition of tourists' travel, air ticket prices account for a relatively high proportion. In the long run, after a recovery period of several months, with the gradual recovery of international flight capacity, the cost performance of summer outbound travel may be relatively high, and the market supply will be relatively rich. ”

Beijing Business Daily reporter Guan Zichen Zhang Yiran