China News Network Manzhouli, March 3 Topic: On the border line, the red inheritance of two generations of father and daughter

Written by Li Aiping Li Fachun

The morning light is faint, and the morning is dawning. At about 3 a.m. on March 28, a team of civilian police on duty at the Manzhouli Entry-Exit Border Checkpoint was patrolling the Guomen Management Area, and Li Xiaoyu in the crowd was straight, with sharp eyes, closely observing the dynamics on the border.

Li Xiaoyu, who guarded the northern frontier of the motherland, is a "second generation of the border", her father Li Bing was an "old border guard" for 24 years, and Li Xiaoyu grew up listening to the story of his father's generation guarding the frontier. Stepping on the land where his father once stood, Li Xiaoyu's thoughts drifted farther and farther, and the figure of the older generation of border people in his mind gradually became clear...

Watch in the snow

Fast forward to February 2004, when a rare snowstorm struck Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, which lasted for a week, the houses on the pasture were almost buried, and many cattle and sheep were missing.

In the windy and snowy weather, the visibility of the vehicle was only three or five meters, and the rescue vehicle fell into the snow many times, Li Bing and the officers and soldiers divided into two roads, one group of people opened the road in front, and the other group pushed the cart behind, and the original 30-minute drive took 2 hours.

After several twists and turns to the scene, the scene in front of them made the officers and soldiers difficult. The snow has been falling, and the house has been completely covered by the snow, and it is impossible to see the original appearance.

"Dig with a shovel!" The crowd shouted out from nowhere, waking up the officers and soldiers who were in a daze.

After two days of continuous excavation and searching, all the buried houses were finally revealed, and most of the livestock were recovered, but a few sheep were still missing.

In the extreme weather, the officers and soldiers were close to the limit of their physical strength and frostbite on their bodies, but everyone still insisted on looking for them, dragging their heavy steps and wading through rows of deep pits in the snow. Finally, in a remote open area, they found a few sheep who had been left alone, and at this time many officers and soldiers were tired and fell in the snow nest, but their hearts were very steady.

Responsibility under fire

When the word "grassland" is mentioned, people often think of the beautiful scene of the vast land. However, because the border area adjacent to Mongolia is covered by a large amount of grassland and the buffer area is not under the jurisdiction, grassland fires often occur, posing a serious threat to our border.

In the spring of 2012, a fire broke out on the Mongolian border side, and the fire quickly spread to our border. After learning this, Li Bing immediately led the rescue officers and men to rush to the fire scene with fire extinguishing and rescue equipment to fight the fire.

"It was too urgent at that time, and the fire would spread quickly with a little slack." The scene was thick with smoke, the wind direction was unpredictable, the line of sight was blocked, and the fire was dangerous. All the officers and men did not have time to worry about their personal safety and quickly rushed into the fire. After several days and nights of fighting, the fire was finally brought under control.

Without thinking about celebrating, the officers and soldiers gasped, sat on the grass with their faces covered in black dust, as if they had drained all their strength.

"It's burning again, hurry up!"

As the temperature of the fire rose and the wind increased, the fire that had just been extinguished was rekindled. Although they did not rest for a long time, their bodies were soaked with sweat, their throats were so dry that they could not speak, their feet were worn out, and their hands were burned, everyone still struggled...

"Once the fire is not controlled, it will inevitably cause damage to the environment and cause huge economic losses to the herders, and all I thought about at that time was that I could recover a little more, and control it as quickly as I could, and I had no time to care about whether I was tired or not." Li Bing said.

Inheritance on the border

In his father's words and deeds, Li Xiaoyu understood responsibility and perseverance, and decided to dedicate his life to the cause of border defense like his father.

At the age of 18, she gave up the local college she had applied for, resolutely chose to become a border fighter, and then was admitted to the Chinese People's Police University, and after graduation was assigned to the Manzhouli entry-exit border checkpoint, and finally guarded the border and the gate of the country like her father.

Although she is a girl, Li Xiaoyu does not see the slightest procrastination and delicateness, she always charges forward when encountering urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks, and finds suspicious clues in the inspection work many times, and gradually grows into a work expert in the duty team.

Inheriting the feelings of his father's generation for the country, Li Xiaoyu also plays his own specialty of writing, often using the camera to record the touching moments of his comrades-in-arms, and since joining the police, she has written more than 200 propaganda articles.

Because of his outstanding work performance, Li Xiaoyu won a personal commendation once and was rated as an outstanding civil servant by the border inspection station many times.

"Remembering the moment when those green figures charged, and then seeing you who are now vigorous and upright, in fact, the red inheritance has never been broken, and we all have the blood of the border guards flowing in our bodies." Li Bing said that he hopes that this red memory can be passed on from generation to generation.

From the army to the police barracks, from the military to the immigration management police, the tranquil border bears witness to the unwavering loyalty of this father and daughter and all the national gatekeepers. No matter how the title changes and how the functions are merged, the spirit of guarding the border has always been fresh and motivating. (End)