On March 3, Niu Yu, a girl who survived the Wenchuan earthquake, posted an updated video describing her experience of online violence. In her public private message records, some netizens insulted and maliciously harassed her. In the video, she confronts these attacks, "What about imperfection, we can still shine, I have to keep dragging it." ”

The reporter noticed that some netizens were full of malice towards her physical disability and optimistic attitude towards life. On March 3, Niu Yu was interviewed by reporters and responded to the online violence of some netizens. She said she wanted to advocate for herself and for people with disabilities who chose to be silent because they were subjected to different eyes. The reason why she came forward to say this is to let more so-called "trolls" see it, not to attack other people's physical defects, and hope to have more positive energy on the Internet and more care for people with disabilities.


He was buried in the rubble for 3 days and 3 nights

After being rescued, his right leg was amputated, and it took 10 years to "come out"

On May 1997, 5, Niu Yu was born in Mianyang, Sichuan. On her 12th birthday, Niu Yu went to elementary school in Qushan Town, Beichuan, and was looking forward to the birthday party and cake prepared by her mother in the evening, when the Wenchuan earthquake "crushed" her birthday wish. In an instant, the classroom was razed to the ground, and she was buried under the rubble for three days and three nights.

After being rescued, Niu Yu's right leg was amputated at a high level because of gas gangrene. She underwent more than 30 surgeries to save her left leg. From the age of 11 to 20, Niu Yu is used to hiding himself. She wrapped her prosthesis in a sponge shell every day, wearing only long trousers, trying to endure the pain caused by the friction between her scars and prosthetics, pretending to walk freely in the crowd.

Niu Yu also fell into low self-esteem and loss. Once a member of the school's track and field team, she can no longer run on the field. The change occurred in 2018, the 10th anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake. Niu Yu made a decision: wear a prosthetic leg with the sponge removed and walk towards the crowd. "May 2018, 5, it happened to be my birthday." Niu Yu introduced that that year, she gave herself a special birthday gift - to participate in the first Wenchuan Marathon, with the theme of "New Life".

This marathon also became a major turning point in Niu Yu's life. "I run very slowly. By the last few kilometers, I didn't feel my legs anymore and wanted to give up. At this moment, the sound of cheering came from both sides of the runway, which became the driving force for her to move forward, "suddenly a person shouted 'sister come on' in Sichuanese, and then everyone shouted 'Wenchuan come on' and 'China come on'. To everyone's cheers, she ran 3.53 kilometers in 21 hours and 0975 minutes, gritting her teeth.

From that moment on, Niu Yu reached a reconciliation with himself, came out of his heart, and lived in color. Niu Yu said: "Only by truly accepting yourself from the heart and liking yourself will you have more strength and courage to face the future life." ”

Then, walking the catwalk, working as a short video director, photographer, self-media platform blogger... As she grew up, Niu Yu began to give herself more and more possibilities.

At the spring/summer 2022 Shanghai Fashion Week, Niu Yu stepped on a "mechanical small steel leg" and completed her first catwalk on the runway. It was also from that day that more and more people knew her story and fell more in love with her "unusual".

In 2021, she stepped on the "mechanical steel leg" to appear on the runway of Shanghai Fashion Week, in 2022 she was awarded the "Sichuan Youth May Fourth Medal" by the Communist Youth League Sichuan Provincial Committee, and she was also elected as a representative of the <>th Sichuan Provincial People's Congress.


Announce the romance

Be brave and pursue your own happiness

Today, Niu Yu also has a special identity: an Internet expert with 197.<> million followers.

The reporter found that most of her short videos had more than hundreds of thousands of likes, some as high as more than 200 million, and most of the covers of the videos were her bright smiles. In the video, in addition to sharing her daily life, she also shared her love story with her firefighter boyfriend Xiao Li in December 2022, and was instantly blessed by the whole network.

One day in July 2022, Niu Yu was outdoors filming a video, accidentally stuck his prosthesis in the middle of a stone crevice, and finally had no choice but to ask for help from firefighting. Xiao Li, a firefighter on duty that day, together with his comrades, helped Niu Yu take out the prosthesis, carefully handed it to her who was waiting, and intimately instructed her to check for damage and ask if she needed help to wear it.

Xiao Li's attentive help left a deep impression on Niu Yu. At that time, Niu Yu boldly asked the "blue friend" for contact information, and the "blue friend" said a little shyly: 119. Fate is so wonderful, and soon after, the two reunited because of a live broadcast and soon became friends. After several months of getting along, Xiao Li was deeply attracted by Niu Yu's optimistic and cheerful personality.

So, he took the initiative to confess to Niu Yu and smoothly changed from a "blue friend" to a boyfriend, and the two began a sweet love since then. The relationship between the two was exposed, and netizens expressed "so sweet", and their happiness can be felt across the screen.

"In fact, when I officially announced my relationship, we all knew that this matter was risky. Love itself is very beautiful, it can be a very romantic thing, I think we all have this right to pursue this romance, to pursue this beauty. In an interview with reporters, Niu Yu said frankly that she and Xiao Li hope to tell many disabled friends around them in this way to bravely pursue their own happiness, "Those you want to love must be brave to love!" ”

Xiao Li's family and Niu Yu's parents are very open-minded. Niu Yu's parents once told her that they hope that she will marry into the other party's family in the future, and the other party cannot be described by words such as acceptance or acceptance, but hope that the other party's family will feel very proud and like it from the bottom of their hearts, so that they will be happy.

"Everyone may think that Xiao Li is handsome, but I want to tell more girls that we can have better people!" Niu Yu introduced that she will not lower the criteria for choosing a mate because of her physical condition, "I think I can still find the kind of person who fits the three views very well." ”


Stand up and respond to online violence

I want to give a voice to the disabled community

On March 3, Niu Yu released an updated video describing his experience of online violence. In her public private message records, some netizens insulted and maliciously harassed her.

"No one's life is easy, if you have no legs, read a book, listen to a song, sleep well, laugh out loud if you want to laugh, cry out loud if you want to cry, I believe you know all the beauty in the world..." In the video, the strong and optimistic Niu Yu infected many netizens. Niu Yu said that because of her experience, she has come into contact with more people with disabilities and can also experience the inconvenience of living with disabilities, so she decided to stand up for this group.

According to reports, on the short video platform, many comments are still very warm, but there are also some malicious comments and harassment, and even interfere with her life. Niu Yu said: "Sometimes when I see bad comments, especially when I am scolded very hard, I feel bad. But even if scolding me, at most affecting my mood, I am still me. I feel a little too much to say this to my friends around me. ”

"My fans have some people with disabilities, and there are a lot of young people with disabilities, and they send me a lot of private messages, and I know a lot about their ideas." Niu Yu said that it is a good thing for people with disabilities to post videos on social media to share their experiences, "We want to encourage more friends with disabilities to stand under the sun." At the same time, let more people understand the disabled group and give some correct help in daily life. ”

She said that the reason why she stood up and said this is to let more so-called "trolls" see that they should not attack other people's physical defects, and hope that there will be more positive energy on the Internet and more care for people with disabilities.

Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News Reporter Wang Mingping Intern Hu Lingling