Eight participants form four pairs. After the initial marriage, the program will, as usual, follow the participants' attempts to find love.

The couples have been matched together by the program's experts: psychotherapist Maria Farm, sexologist and psychotherapist Karl Norwald and psychologist Fredric Bohm. New for this year is that the season is expanded to ten episodes.

Here are this year's singles:


Arvid, 34 years old, military officer, Djursholm (grew up in Knutby)
Longing for a girl who knocks him over on the ski trail.
"I think I have an idea of what I want, but maybe I need something else?"


Agust, 32 years old, project manager and artist, Uddebo
(grew up in Järna)
Has rushed through life and now wants to stop, find the woman of his dreams.
"There lives a naïve little prince in me who thinks that I will meet a princess"

Fredrik, 32 years old, product manager, Stockholm (grew up in Hofors)
Looking for a woman who is as strong as his mother and sisters.
"Sometimes I'm told I'm too kind. It's interesting that you often hear that guys are too kind, but you
don't say very often that girls are too kind."

Alexander Ida Caroline

Alexander, 40 years old, head of the emergency department, Malmö (grew up in Ullared)
Hope to be loved for who he is.
"In the midst of it all, the strongest feeling is a longing to meet you and only you"Lina, 37 years old, medical assistant, Gothenburg
After a period of illness, she wants to "create magic"

with someone.
"After I received my diagnosis, I almost felt that I was exhausted as a person, but I realize that I am not"Stina, 31 years, nurse, Uppsala (grew up in Enköping)
Hope for a future Svensson life with "

golden edge".
"I think I'm single because I'm a girl with a lot of skin on my nose"

Ida, 35 years old, broker, Stockholm (grew up in Aspeå)
Wants to find a modern communicative man but also a passionate lover.
"He should kind of be able to save me and just be my big strong Tarzan"

Caroline, 32 years old, veterinary nurse, Kumla (grew up in Örebro)
Dreams of a quiet life with many animals, close to nature.
"I've never had a fantasy dream of a wedding"

Married at First Sight premieres Monday, April 10 on SVT Play and SVT1.

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Watch the interview with last year's talking couple Märta Bonnevier and Axel Kratz. Photo: SVT