Car loan scam: low-income households and disabled people become "back lenders"

Many people are divided into car loans after receiving benefits or loans, but the car is not in hands but is riddled with debt; Zhengzhou police have stepped in to investigate

The loan in Liang's name, which has only been repaid in four installments, is 4 days overdue as of March 3.

Through the traffic management 12123 APP query, it can be seen that the license plate number of the car under Lu Linxiang's name is Yu Q5597S.

Li Chengmei not only had a car loan of 90900,21 yuan, but the credit report showed that she also guaranteed a loan of 6,<> yuan for another person. Both loans are overdue.

The residence of Lu Linxiang, a low-income household, two brick houses were built at the expense of the local government. A08-A09 version photo / Beijing News reporter Cheng Yalong

Lu Linxiang, a low-income household in Guogou Village, Dengzhou City, Nanyang, learned the amount of the loan he was carrying and the repayment method when he was chased for debts: a total of 8,2 yuan in vehicle mortgages, and 1656,39.60 yuan per month, Lu Linxiang needed to repay the loan for <> consecutive months.

"I was deceived, I didn't see the car, I didn't get the money, why should I pay it back? And I can't afford to pay the loan at all. In the face of collectors, Lu Linxiang, who only has 400 yuan a month in dibao bailouts, said.

In 2022, Lu Linxiang was introduced to Zhengzhou by people, "said to help them borrow, you can give me a benefit fee of 10,20 yuan to <>,<> yuan", but after cooperating with the other party's loan and proposing a new car, not only did he not get the money, but the car did not know the end.

An investigation by a reporter from the Beijing News found that many people involved in similar situations like Lu Linxiang, including the disabled and people with intellectual disabilities, were used to apply for loans in Zhengzhou on the grounds of having benefit fees or loans. Some victims said that after the vehicle was loaned from the 4S shop, it was sold by the other party for a profit, but they did not get any benefit fees, and they became "back lenders" in debt.

On the morning of the 27th, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau that the police have now dispatched key personnel to form a special class to carry out investigation and evidence collection.

Dibao households who take out loans to buy cars

Lu Linxiang can't remember clearly, he went to Zhengzhou in a few months of 2022 to apply for a loan. Due to a stroke (commonly known as: stroke), 50-year-old Lu Linxiang's intelligence and memory were affected, and his body also fell ill.

According to the time when Lu Linxiang's car loan contract was signed, he arrived in Zhengzhou around August 2022. Lu Linxiang said that before going to Zhengzhou, he was picking up waste next to a rural road in Shilin Town, Dengzhou City, when a middle-aged man came up to talk to him and asked if he needed money and could help him get 8.<> million yuan.

In exchange, Lu Linxiang needed to help the other party take out a loan, and this amount "did not have to be repaid." Lu Linxiang readily agreed, and the next day accompanied by the man named Zhang Yan (pseudonym) printed the letter, and then was arranged to take a taxi to Zhengzhou, and after arriving in Zhengzhou, a woman surnamed Zhao took him to live in a small area on Huashan Road in the Central Plains District.

Lu Linxiang said that according to Zhang Yan, the woman surnamed Zhao and other people, he learned that the way to take out a loan is to transfer a house to his own name, and then use the house mortgage to apply for various loans. After waiting in Zhengzhou for a few days, he did not receive a notice to transfer the house, but first went to take out a loan to buy a car.

According to the "Auto Mortgage Contract" provided by SAIC-GM Auto Finance Co., Ltd., Lu Linxiang applied for a loan on August 2022, 8, and took away a Chevrolet Cruze sedan with a total price of 22,4 yuan from a car 10S shop in Zhumadian, and paid a down payment of 28,20800 yuan. The sales manager of the 4S shop said that the down payment includes vehicle purchase tax and insurance premiums, which is almost equivalent to "zero down payment" to buy a car.

Lu Linxiang said that he had never been to Zhumadian, and that the loan was made in a car market in Zhengzhou, and when he picked up the car, he took the new car from the underground garage of a community to the road for a distance of no more than 200 meters, and he has not seen the car again. Lu Linxiang, who does not have a driver's license, does not even know the brand of the car, describing it as "a golden cross."

Lu Linxiang said that the loan and car pick-up were all carried by the woman surnamed Zhao who arranged his accommodation. After picking up the car, Lu Linxiang asked her, "When will you give money?" He was reprimanded: "The car hasn't been sold yet, where can I get money for you?" ”

Later, Lu Linxiang heard that the transfer of the house would affect his dibao relief fund, so he refused to help people take out real estate loans and returned to his hometown, he did not get a penny of benefit fees, but was chased home after the deadline.

According to the loan contract, Lu Linxiang needs to repay 60.1656 yuan per month for 39 consecutive months from the month following the loan issuance. After the divorce, he lived alone, only 400 yuan per month for dibao, and 4000,<> yuan per year for disability allowance.

The poverty alleviation card posted at home shows that Lu Linxiang's family has 1 person, 0 labor force, and the annual per capita income of the family is 10716,<> yuan. And this money comes from various subsidies from the government. Even the two brick houses where Lu Linxiang currently lives were funded by the local government.

Falsified basic information

There is also Li Chengmei, 53, of Fangcheng County, Nanyang City.

She was introduced to Zhang Yan through the village, and after learning that she could get 90900.21 million yuan, she agreed to take out a loan in Zhengzhou. Relevant loan information shows that in addition to carrying a vehicle mortgage of 6,<> yuan, Li Chengmei also guaranteed a car loan of <>,<> yuan for others. Both loans are months overdue.

On March 3, when a reporter from the Beijing News met Li Chengmei in a hospital in Nanyang City, she was wearing slippers, pedaling a pair of ill-fitting men's sneakers, and when she talked about her loan experience, she was intermittent and illogical, and she could only say four or five words each time. Li Chengmei claimed that she had no problem with intelligence, but when asked by a reporter where she could get her replacement ID card, she replied, "Go to the bank, in the bank... Someone, put it on hold."

According to the descriptions of Lu Linxiang and Li Chengmei, as well as the reporter's verification from other victims afterwards, the loans of the two were introduced to Zhengzhou through Zhang Yan, led by a woman surnamed Zhao, and through another woman surnamed Zhang who handled the loan and picked up the car in Zhengzhou. Li Chengmei said that she did not sign the loan when she took it, and she did not know how she took the loan.

How did two people with no income and no driver's license get a loan, and how did they pick up a car from a 4S shop in Zhumadian?

Collecting the credit reports, loan contracts, part of the records of the loan declaration and bank card statements of the two people, the Beijing News reporter found that some basic information such as the income of the two were forged.

The loan records show that Li Chengmei works in an agricultural and sideline products purchase and sales department in Guangyang Town, Fangcheng County, with an annual income of 10,5000 yuan. Lu Linxiang, a low-income household, is a staff member of an agricultural and animal husbandry company in Dengzhou with a registered capital of 13 million yuan, with an average annual income of <>,<> yuan.

In addition, the loan application record also filled in the identity information of the two spouses, and the annual income is more than 10,<> yuan. In fact, Li Chengmei's husband has passed away, and her current "husband" has not received a marriage certificate, and Lu Linxiang has also divorced. The two confirmed that their annual income, employer and spouse's information in the loan materials were falsified.

The staff of the 4S shop where the two bought the car introduced that when taking out a loan, the applicant's ID card, mobile phone number and other information need to be verified and verified, as long as the work unit he works for is real, the income is generally filled in by the lender himself, and the bank statement is not verified, and the spouse's information is also provided by the party, and this information does not need to be verified. When applying for a loan, the lender's face recognition, mobile phone SMS verification, and verification of whether the lender's employer really exists, as well as the lender's telephone return visit to verify the loan, can complete the loan. Without the cooperation of Lu Linxiang and other parties, the loan would definitely not be approved.

The sales manager of the 4S store said that Lu Linxiang and Li Chengmei were not customers who directly went to the store to buy cars, but purchased through the second network (automobile trading company/intermediary company), that is, the two provided relevant loan information to each other, and they could also apply for a loan without going to the store. The person concerned can pick up the vehicle from the store with the person's ID card and relevant procedures.

The vehicle picked up from the 4S shop in Zhumadian, Lu and Li finally saw it in Zhengzhou, but after only meeting each other, the car was driven away by others. Some industry insiders said that allowing the parties to see the car is mainly to meet the delivery procedures of the 4S store, and the person and the car must take a photo or record a video to prove that the vehicle is indeed handed over to the buyer.

The car purchase contract shows that the total price of Lu and Li's vehicles is 102800,113700 yuan and 20800,22800 yuan respectively, and the down payment is 4,<> yuan and <>,<> yuan respectively. The manager of the <>S shop said that the price included the vehicle purchase tax and insurance costs, which was equivalent to paying a very low down payment and taking away the vehicle.

Lu Linxiang's credit report shows that the car purchase loan in his name has only been repaid twice, and the repayment has been overdue for 4 months. The vehicle loan in Li Chengmei's name was only repaid in one installment, and Li Chengmei repaid the 21,6 yuan car mortgage guaranteed by another person surnamed Kong, which was repaid in three installments and was overdue for two months.

SAIC-GM financial post-loan management staff said that if the two were deceived, they could collect relevant evidence and call the police. However, the loan contract is signed between the company and the two people, and if the overdue loan cannot be repaid normally, the company will consider resolving it through litigation.

There is also a "mortgage pit" behind the "car loan pit"

Among the parties contacted by the Beijing News reporter, Liang Zhenyu, a native of Nanyang, was the first to apply for a car loan in Zhengzhou. Purchased her Volkswagen ID.4 new energy car and took out a loan of 19,8 yuan.

Liang Zhenyu introduced that in July 2022, Zhang Yan said that he could help her find a cooking job in Zhengzhou for 7,2000 yuan a month. After arriving in Zhengzhou, she was arranged by the woman surnamed Zhao mentioned earlier in a two-bedroom living room in a small area of Huashan Road in Zhongyuan District to cook for people who came to Zhengzhou from other places to borrow money.

"There are fools living in the house, and there are people with epilepsy." Liang Zhenyu said that after about 10 days of cooking, she felt that she couldn't dry it, and she boiled noodles in white water every day, and sometimes asked the woman surnamed Zhao and her husband Hu San (pseudonym) for money to buy vegetables, and the other party did not give it. After she offered to go home, the woman surnamed Zhao said that she could buy a car and let her drive it for the boss.

Liang Zhenyu said that on August 2022, 8, she was taken to the Riverside Homestead Community in Huiji District, Zhengzhou City, and the woman surnamed Zhao took her ID card and mobile phone, saying that she wanted to check her credit report, but in fact she was applying for a car loan. After it was done, she learned that the other party's promise to buy the full car was passed to her name and turned into an installment loan car.

Liang Zhenyu has not yet figured out how the other party bought the car back without going to the 4S store. After the car arrived, Liang Zhenyu was not arranged to drive, and the vehicle did not know the end. The sales manager of the 4S shop that sold the car said that the car was picked up from the store by Erwang, and Liang Zhenyu's ID card, loan-related procedures, and the most critical SMS verification code were submitted, which was in line with the delivery process.

According to the loan contract, Liang Zhenyu borrowed 2022,8 yuan through SAIC Motor Finance Co., Ltd. on August 1, 19, with a loan period of 8 months and a monthly repayment of 60,4589.19 yuan. After 4 months of repayment, this loan has not been repaid, and Liang Zhenyu, who now has children in her hometown, receives dozens of debt collection calls every day.

"The loan was in my name, so I could only beg them to repay it as soon as possible or take the car over." Liang Zhenyu said that she had fallen into the "pit" and had no say after the loan, and the result of the negotiation was that if she wanted to repay the car loan, she also needed to help them borrow another amount to fill the car loan.

In the months that followed, Liang traveled back and forth to Zhengzhou several times to resolve the issue, during which she met with Lu Linxiang, Li Chengmei and several other victims.

Liang Zhenyu said that before the loan, she met Zhang Yan, and then met the woman surnamed Zhao, Hu San and the boss surnamed Tian, who specialized in borrowing money in other people's names in Zhengzhou. These people once mentioned to her that she should find fools, sick people, and people who cannot repay to come to Zhengzhou for loans, and the money borrowed could be divided into fifty-fifty shares. "Hu San said, finding a fool is the same as finding the God of Wealth, casually making hundreds of thousands of dollars, enough for the second half of my life."

Liang Zhenyu said that they could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars by finding a person through a house loan. Put the house in the name of the lender, and then let the lender apply for other forms of loans such as housing loans and renovation loans, which can cash out millions. Liang Zhenyu, who had been taken to the bank to handle the relevant transfer formalities and loans, refused to sign.

On March 3, a reporter from the Beijing News met a man surnamed Chen from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, in a residence on Huashan Road where lenders were arranged. He said that he contacted Hu San through a local intermediary and is currently waiting for arrangements. A house worth 16 million yuan can be loaned 100 million yuan through various loans, and the other party promises to give him 300.120 million yuan when the time comes.

The man said that the reason why he came to Zhengzhou was because he helped others in Taizhou to back the loan, only 5.6 million yuan, Hu San promised to give high, and Zhengzhou is far from his hometown, if he does not repay the loan, the bank is not easy to find himself.

In August 2022, Mr. Lu from Luoyang was also introduced to Hu San by a local intermediary, and now he has taken out a loan to buy two cars and borrowed more than 8,40 yuan. Mr. Lu said that at that time, the other party said that the purchase of the car was to increase the assets under his name and facilitate the next transfer of the property to continue the loan, but because of his credit problems, he did not apply for the real estate transfer mortgage. Because neither of the two cars in his name knew where they went, Mr. Lu called the police and did not file a case, and then appointed a lawyer to prepare a lawsuit to recover the vehicle under his name.

The Zhengzhou police set up a special class to carry out the investigation

On March 2023, 3, a reporter from the Beijing News contacted Zhang Yan, who introduced Lu Linxiang and three others to Zhengzhou for a loan. Zhang Yan said that Lu Linxiang and Li Chengmei said they needed money themselves, and he only introduced them to Zhengzhou for a loan, and he did not know how to borrow money, nor did he get benefits from it. Liang Zhenyu was introduced to Zhengzhou to find a job by herself, and she listened to other people's words to apply for a car loan, and she only learned about it afterwards.

As for the car in Liang Zhenyu's name, Zhang Yan said that because the down payment for the vehicle was paid by someone else, Liang Zhenyu could give her the car if she paid the down payment. But as for where the vehicle is, Zhang Yan said that it should be at the lender, "If someone else advances the down payment and does not receive the money, how can they give her a car?" ”

The woman surnamed Zhang, who applied for the loan for Liang Zhenyu, said that she no longer makes car loans, and the car is not with her. She didn't know Liang Zhenyu and the woman surnamed Zhao.

For Zhang Yan's statement, Liang Zhenyu did not agree. She said that before the vehicle was delivered, she refused to sign some of the documents, and the woman surnamed Zhao who took her called Zhang Yan, who convinced him to sign it. She also heard Hu San say that Zhang Yan introduced Lu Linxiang to Zhengzhou for a loan and received a benefit fee of 2,<> yuan.

Inquiring into the repayment bank card records of Lu Linxiang and Liang Zhenyu shows that Lu Linxiang's first loan repayment fee was credited to his bank account by Tian Hua (pseudonym). The money that Liang Zhenyu repaid the loan was also transferred from Tian Hua to his WeChat, and Liang Zhenyu withdrew cash to the bank card to repay the loan.

Liang Zhenyu said that the repayment of her fourth loan was made by Hu San taking her to Tian Hua and asking Tian Hua to repay. At that time, Tian Hua said that he would only repay this loan again, and he would not care about it later. As for the car she bought with a loan, she did not know how Hu San and Tian Hua disposed of and distributed the benefits.

The Beijing News reporter called the phone numbers of the woman surnamed Zhao, Hu San, and Tian Hua, but none of them were connected. In the community where the lender of Huashan Road lived, Liang Zhenyu once spoke to Hu San through another person's mobile phone to ask how to solve the problem of car loans. Hu San said that he needed to communicate with Zhang Yan, and he could only assist the three to discuss together from the middle.

Regarding this matter, Liang Zhenyu has called the police many times, but the case has not been filed. The police of the Third Criminal Investigation Squadron of the Jinshui Bureau of the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau said that the informant did not pay the down payment of the vehicle, the vehicle was also in his name, the informant had no actual loss, did not constitute a criminal case, if the informant paid the down payment and had an actual loss, then further research and judgment can be made. At present, the informant's vehicle has been mortgaged by someone else, and the informant can go to the vehicle, and he has the right to dispose of it personally, or it can be resolved through litigation.

According to the Shanxi Evening News, when handling similar cases, the Taiyuan police found that the main persons involved did not appear at the time of the crime, and all the "lenders" signed various contracts in the name of normal car purchase, drove the vehicle away, cut off the supply, and then sold it. This is highly similar to the "loan dispute" in the civil category. In the early stage of the investigation of the case, the police once believed that this was a "mortgage overdue dispute", but after repeated in-depth research and judgment, and reference to similar cases across the country, they finally determined that the behavior was suspected of fraud.

According to the judgment document network, a similar incident also occurred in Yiyang, Hunan Province, where the person involved signed a car purchase agreement with a financial company for the purpose of illegal possession, fictitious "Baihu"'s economic ability, but the "Baihu" actually had no ability to perform the contract and made the car purchase agreement in fact unable to perform, and defrauded the car loan in this way, and the person involved was finally sentenced to criminal punishment for loan fraud.

Wang Weiwei, a lawyer at Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm, believes that the case constitutes a criminal case, and the planners and perpetrators of the relevant incidents are suspected of loan fraud. The crime of loan fraud refers to the use of deceptive methods to defraud banks or other financial institutions of loans for the purpose of illegal possession, and the act of obtaining a large amount of money. In this case, the relevant personnel solicited Lu Linxiang and other people who knew that they did not have the ability to repay the loan, and used "benefit fees" to induce the victim to cooperate in face recognition, provide SMS verification code, answer return calls, provide ID cards and signatures, etc., complete the loan to purchase the car, and then resell the vehicle for profit, with the obvious purpose of illegally occupying the bank loan.

On the morning of the 27th, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau that the police have now dispatched key personnel to form a special class to carry out investigation and evidence collection.

Beijing News reporter Cheng Yalong