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Maybe you have never heard it, but take note because the cheapest destination in Europe to mark a romantic getaway is Montenegro. Then came Bulgaria, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary and Moldova. These are destinations that can be reached by plane or train from anywhere in the Old Continent and whose cost for a two-day trip has nothing to do (yet) as the same duration in others such as France, Switzerland, United Kingdom or Germany. Without forgetting those of the North. Read Norway, Sweden or Finland, prohibitive for many pockets.

Portals and entities specialized in the travel world such as JetCost, TripAdvisor, Kayak and Jersey Island Holidays, as well as European Best Destinations, an agency dependent on the European Union in tourism, periodically analyze which are the places where a getaway is best for the bank account. To do this, they take into account values such as the price of a plane, train or bus ticket, gasoline, accommodation, public or private transport (either metro or taxi), food in restaurants or even supermarkets and tickets to tourist attractions, museums or historical monuments.

View of Skopje, capital of Macedonia.

In this sense, Montenegro usually tops the rankings, taking as a jase its capital and largest city, Podgorica, located bucolically between mountains. The city, formerly called Ribnica and Titograd, is not only the economic engine of the country, but one of its most beautiful enclaves in the country. And also of those who have more movement, so it is presented as the perfect place for a two-day getaway. The average flight price plus two hotel nights (three or four stars) would be around 250 euros, although the figure varies depending on the time of year. Another essential of Montenegro is Perast, a beautiful town of just 350 inhabitants located in the Bay of Kotor and considered a tourist jewel still untapped (too).

How much does it cost to eat?

Macedonia would be the second destination on the list, especially if you visit cities like Skopje, the capital, located in the north of the country, where a couple can dine in a good restaurant for 20 euros, that the full stay of two days would be about 320 euros. Bulgaria, Poland and Romania would continue the ranking with an average cost of between 350 euros. Among the main reasons for the low prices in these destinations, especially if we travel to Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, highlights that flights can be found for less than 50 euros if we flee the high season.

Old town of Debrecen, Hungary.

Something more difficult to get to Debrecen, in Hungary, one of the cheapest destinations in the country, however, since the figures of its standard of living are still far from those of the capital, Budapest, more open to tourism for years. Not surprisingly, it has been chosen for several years the best tourist destination in Europe for everything it offers. Debrecen is also home to the most spectacular water park in Europe, with 5,700 square meters, making it a key tourist destination. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, on the other hand, it is possible to stay for 30 euros in a double room and dine for less than 20, so its different places of interest such as Sarajevo, Mostar or Tuzla are presented as a good option to discover historical sites, landscapes worthy of a postcard and good gastronomy.

We follow the route in Serbia, where according to the Jersey Islands Holidays portal, one can spend a weekend for less than 400 euros, staying in three or four star hotels, with flight included, since they can be found for less than 80 euros. Lunch in an à la carte restaurant can cost 20 euros for a table of two people, with drink included. An excursion to the surroundings, meanwhile, costs about 20 euros.

On the other side of the scale would be countries such as Switzerland, Iceland, Norway or Denmark, the least cheap in Europe, with an average cost of starting at 1,000 euros for a two-day getaway. If we break them down by cities, the most expensive would be Zug and Zurich, in Switzerland (1,150 euros on average). The latter, in addition, is considered one of the best in the world to reside given its high quality of life. followed by others such as Reykjavik (Icelandic capital), Trömso (in Norway) and Basel, also in Switzerland.

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