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She jumps on the trampoline until she falls exhausted, her legs full of tattoos make postures impossible for any mortal, her arms move like those of a dancer ... There's only one thing that doesn't change about Milena Smit as she poses for photos on these pages: her serious face. Only when she approaches to greet does she give a shy smile and, of course, when she sees a large mastiff arrive that has grown fond of her (and she with him). He tells us then that animals are one of his great passions.

Milena Smit: 'I would like to do comedy, the image I have does not reflect how I am'CRISTINA DE ROJAS (Image and editing)

Yes, but what other things do you like? We know that she was born in Elche 26 years ago -although she lived her childhood and adolescence between Murcia and the Alicante coast-, daughter of a Dutch father and a Spanish mother, and we know her successful filmography, from 'No matarás' to 'La chica de nieve' passing, among other titles, by 'Parallel mothers'.

But her apparent distance, her impenetrable gaze, her style of gothic dyes and, above all, her roles as a woman shaken by life lead us to delve into her personality to discover a Milena close and simple, but wanting to stomp and raise her voice when necessary. We try to break her armor to bring to light the woman of contrasts that she is.

Milena Smit wears a dress and cape, by Roberto Diz, and a necklace and ring in white gold, rock crystal, emeralds, onyx and diamonds from the 'Percussion' line, by Cartier.

Who is Milena Smit? I've always been a pretty dark and different girl, it was hard for me to fit in. But now more and more I consider myself a normal person with very clear values. For example, responsibility for things has become indispensable. And before all that I was lost. My profession as an actress has helped me a lot to land, to see clearly what is important in life. I didn't know what I wanted to do or who I was, and this job has opened up a world of possibilities for me. Of course, I am very strict with myself in terms of effort, work, perseverance and motivation. This is how I define myself now, as a very hardworking and constant woman.Why do you feel that she did not fit in? Was it at school? Yes, I have never been many friends, I had a small group in high school that I still maintain. And also in terms of society. When I was quite young I discovered that I liked girls. Normally when people realize that they are homosexual it is because at first they like the opposite gender and then theirs, but it happened to me the other way around: I liked girls first and then also boys ...

Dress, by Alexander McQueen. Shoes, by Aquazzura. Earrings and rings in rose gold, diamonds and onyx from the 'Clash' line, by Cartier.FÉLIX VALIENTE

The conversation with Milena goes slowly, thinking a lot about each word before pronouncing it. But, like so many of his generation, he flows without walls when he talks about his intimacy and sexuality. "I've never been bullied because of this issue, but people did point out that I was different."

What is Dutch and what is Spanish? Although my father is Dutch, I have very little from there. Perhaps the character quite strong, like him, who is a bit cold but at the same time very generous. I am super affectionate, which on the other hand is very Spanish, I need physical contact but also my space in some moments. She was a saleswoman, waitress, babysitter, informant in the Metro... Yes, and operator... It was a very important stage in my life, because it made me acquire a series of principles and values. People who have had things easy because they come from a stable family, even financially, have never had to look for a living. If you suddenly find yourself in a complicated situation, you don't know how to act. But I, thanks to those works, am decisive and fast, and I know how to deal very well with the public.

Milena Smit wears a dress by Redondo Brand and earrings and rings by Cartier.FÉLIX VALIENTE

Milena's career continues at a frenetic pace. On March 31 he premieres 'Tin y Tina', under the orders of Rubin Stein and with Jaime Lorente as co-star. A psychological thriller in which he gets into the skin of a woman beaten after losing the babies she was expecting. The couple decides to adopt two brothers of strange personality.

What can the spectator expect when he sits in the armchair? You're going to be surprised. What makes it so special is the universe created by Rubin Stein, the director, very auteur cinema. There is a mystery behind that you do not know where it will come out, impressive shots that look like paintings. Lola has been a very tough character at the same time as satisfying. The continuous conflicts he faces make the journey very intense, because most of the time we suffer his anguish and his desire to have a normal family. I would define your trip as one of lime and another of sand, when it seems that something good is about to happen there is always something behind. In addition to the very interesting themes that the film deals with such as religion, motherhood, love, loss, survival and machismo of the time, Tin and Tina makes you ask questions that you may never have asked yourself before. I always try to find similarities with the characters I play and with Lola there were, I have had close situations that she goes through.

Dress, by Jacquemus. 'Calame' necklace in rose gold, coral, onyx and diamonds, by Cartier. Milena Smit's makeup consists of a luminous and natural face, with the 'All Hours' foundation. The 'Couture Colour Clutch Eyeshadow' are applied to the eyes and, to give colour to the mouth, the 'Dessin Des Lèvres Lip Styler' and the lipstick 'The Bold nº 6' are used. All about Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.F? LEIX VALIENTE

Milena refers to the termination of pregnancy that starts as a starting point in the film. "She suffers a miscarriage and I decided to have an abortion of my own free will, they are two quite different things."

Is society ready to talk about it? Society still has a lot to learn, because people are still judged by their skin color, by the people they love, classified by gender or by things as personal as deciding if it is time to bring a person into this world. I was practically a 19-year-old girl who was not sure if I wanted to bond with the person I had become pregnant with and did not feel ready to give the child a future, since I myself was very lost at that time. With Lola I share the desire to be a mother when I freely believe that I feel like it and the conditions that are important to me are met. I have the feeling that we have created this right to have an opinion about the lives or actions of others, going through judgments and marginalizations about what we do not agree with. Not only does it make me sad but it makes me realize the lack of empathy we have as a society.

As with the allusions to his thin figure, which has sometimes been the subject of comment: "They are people who believe they have the right to express their opinion even if their comments may hurt. I have already understood that it is necessary to do an exercise so that you do not care what others say and do not question yourself if what they say is true. "

Are social networks necessary or dispensable? Obviously they are necessary, as long as it is with good use and are not used to harm or promote hate messages. Now they are practically your resume. For me it is very important to take care of them, which does not mean that I am involved on a personal level. In 'Parallel Mothers' it was a single mother who had suffered a rape, in 'The Snow Girl' a young woman who had also been raped. Is it a topic that particularly concerns you? I always try to give voice to those who need it and don't have it. It's a priority in my career. When I started I understood that, if one day I managed to reach the level where I could really be heard and could serve as a speaker, I wanted to do it for very important reasons: mental health, feminism, xenophobia ... I'm always going to prioritize a character who has trauma or needs to be given that visibility.

Top, by Alejandre. Falda, by Roberto Cavalli. Rose gold and diamond necklace from the 'Agrafe' collection and 'Just On Clou' hoop earrings, by Cartier.FÉLIX VALIENTE

'Parallel Mothers' arrived. She managed in a very short time to be an Almodóvar girl, something for which many sigh. That's just what my representative told me when he announced he was going to do it. I don't really know how I got there. I was doing the castings without knowing it was for Pedro's next movie. They didn't tell me what project it was so I wouldn't get nervous. It was like "I can't believe it".How was it measured against two greats like Penélope Cruz and Aitana Sánchez Gijón? It was wonderful, because at all times I was like the girl of the two, we had a relationship - we have, in fact - of great affection. The shooting was very very special, especially with Penelope, we shared all the free moments, we did not separate for a moment. Also with Rossy, with Pedro, the whole family of El Deseo... Today they are all my family. We see each other a lot and they are very important in my life. You can tell he likes fashion. It always gives it a different touch. All the appearances I make are by Freddy Alonso, my stylist; Rebeca, my makeup artist, and we always design between the three of us the look we want to present. Then I give him my roll.What does that roll consist of? A girl can wear a dress and it fits as a princess, but I always try to break it a lot and do something with the attitude.

Top, jacket, leggings and ankle boots, by Dolce & Gabbana. Choker, ring and earring in rose gold, diamonds and onyx from the 'Clash' line, by Cartier.FÉLIX VALIENTE

Do you feel that you somehow represent those of your generation? It's difficult, but I guess there will be many people who feel identified with me or with what I transmit, with my way of dressing..., and that seems very nice to me. I also understand that many others do not like it, and it is just as valid as long as there is always respect.What worries Milena Smit? That with the pace of life that I lead from so much work, many times the people I love and my family need me and I can not be as one hundred percent as I would like. The animals, being in a nice quiet place with people I love. I squeak people who make noise when eating.Do you have any dreams left to fulfill? A lot. For example, starting a family. Now my partner is a boy, I am very much in love with him and hopefully tomorrow will emerge. But if it is alone or with another person we will see, but having children is one of my dreams, a life purpose.

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