In Chengdu, there is such a sinologist who is from Slovenia and his name is Sima Wenfei. He is also a foreign teacher at the School of Literature and Journalism and Communication of Chengdu University, and can use his fluent Chinese to talk to reporters.

The story of Sima Wenfei, 39, and Sinology began in college. In 2003, he was admitted to the University of Ljubljana, a higher education institution in Slovenia, majoring in Sinology, and in 2006 he studied in China for one year. After graduation, he was still fascinated by sinology, and began to study for a doctorate in sinology in 2014, mainly studying Chinese philosophy during the Ming Dynasty, and then went to China in 2015. In 2021, he was hired by Chengdu University to become a "Rong Drift", and in addition to lecturing, he still insists on studying Sinology.

[Contemporaneous] Slovenian sinologist Sima Wenfei

To study China, Sinology is almost mostly the study of ancient China. But after researching some of the basics of Sinology, I just felt that I still lacked an understanding of the real China. So staying in this society, in this culture, in modern culture, in actual culture is a good opportunity to learn. Because I love learning, I love some new concepts, new things. So I just think it's better to stay in China and study China than to stay in my own country.

Sima Wenfei said that during his studies, he came into contact with Chinese history and philosophy, and felt the ancient, profound and interesting nature of Chinese culture.

[Contemporaneous] Slovenian sinologist Sima Wenfei

Because of my mentor from Taiwan, he advised me not to use some of the Westerners' views on China, because then you will never understand Chinese thought. It is best to look at their work from the literary side of China itself.

This understanding is the fundamental reason why Sima Wenfei has studied and settled in China many times, and he also encouraged sinologists to come to China for research and research. Years of studying, working and living in China have also given Sima Wenfei new ideas. He said that most of Slovenia's sinology research focuses on ancient Chinese history and culture, but China is developing very rapidly now, and sinologists should not only study ancient China, but also modern China.

[Contemporaneous] Slovenian sinologist Sima Wenfei

Because I live here very happily, and then I just want the whole world to know the real China, that is, not the China that other people's eyes imagine.

Sima Wenfei told reporters that he wanted to tell the Slovenes about China's development and attract more groups other than sinologists to understand this historic country.

[Contemporaneous] Slovenian sinologist Sima Wenfei

I feel that I need to know more and communicate. First there must be a relationship between two countries, and then it is necessary to understand each other's cultures before anyone other than sinologists will be willing to come to China. Then such a sinologist can be a bridge, that is, we can help others. I am very happy to be able to stay in China for the past four years. It is that few foreigners have such opportunities, and not all sinologists have the opportunity to come to China to develop. But this happiness is also a kind of responsibility, don't waste this opportunity, still need to spread Chinese culture, or need to say what China is doing particularly well. So after I got to know the culture of the two countries, I wasn't the best, but I still felt that I could explain some of the characteristics of China or Chengdu to the Slovenians. So in the future, I hope that some non-sinologists, such as some enterprises, or some scholars, will come to Chengdu in this way.

In addition to sharing his happy "raking ear" life, he also plans to plan a series of activities for the "Yuanhan Society", hoping to let sinology enthusiasts understand the new development and changes in China through exchanges and attract them to come to China to take a look and see.

He Xun and Ren Zhenxing reported from Chengdu

Responsible Editor: [Li Yan]