Dmitry Medvedev recalled Stalin. About 1941. About duty to the Motherland. About the communication of the head of the Soviet state with the directors of defense enterprises, when the enemy was in Moscow. When it was still very far away, but everyone knew that there would be a victory ahead. Our. And there can be no other options.

Now Russia is talking about victory. She needs it now like bread and air. The country is gradually mobilizing to achieve it.

Now we understand that it was not by chance that the grandiose action "Immortal Regiment" arose, and in general the axiology of victory, which its detractors always scolded with victory. It was not a head turned back at all – this is how we established a living and unbreakable connection with that victory in the Great Patriotic War. They remembered about our victoriousness, because the national civilization was always developed or transformed by victories.

Symbols, for example, of the victory on the Kulikovo Field are the saints: Dmitry Donskoy, Sergius of Radonezh, Alexander Peresvet. The symbol of the victory of 1945 is the Soviet people, hardened by steel, their brilliant commanders and heroes, and, of course, Stalin. You don't have to make a cult out of it and worship it as an idol. But it is impossible and extremely harmful to wipe out.

In fact, the key to victory is mobilization at all levels. Overcoming any squabble. Historical mobilization is also needed. This is a look at the path of russian civilization as a single process, which has its own meaning and purpose. Providentiality, if you will.

History is not a vegetarian dish, not a gathering in a café, where a skilled barista runs and hookah smoke swirls mercifully, but also not cannibalism. History, especially of the Fatherland, is not a black-and-white thing, where everyone chooses something to taste, and tries to throw the rest out, but a complex process that is perfectly readable with love and native perception of it.

The key to victory in the Great Patriotic War was the colossal tension of the whole country. Industrial, military, scientific, cultural activities, up to the struggle for universal literacy. But it is also a human cause, when the citizens themselves became people of victory, its indestructible strongholds.

Modern Russia is once again reading this code, overcoming the newfangled ideological shadows, when we have squandered too much of our own, reproached and cursed. Too many have been scattered and lost, or even exchanged for something shiny and tempting. It could have happened that they would have been left with nothing. Those who forgot their culture, language, past, would be left with a heavy yoke around their necks and a glassy meaningless look.

But that very victory saved, did not let me lose myself, and after February 24, the veil completely fell off - and the whole story turned out to be in the palm of your hand. Understandable and close.

We've got history back, we've got ourselves back in history. And now deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev says simple, but completely understandable and obvious, from the point of view of russian history, words that Ukraine is "part of Russia." Yes, we tried to get used to the new moribund reality, conscientiously trying to learn new words and some disingenuous explanations, as well as the new geography of separation and "invented boundaries". A lot of things that "alienated us," as the writer Valentin Rasputin used to say.

Now it remains to finally regain the meaning of the victory code and become natural with it, to achieve it in order to continue the domestic civilizational path.

Now Joseph Stalin may well become our interlocutor. And who else? After all, he is also the bearer of the secrets of victory. It was demonized, as a rule, by those who feared our victory, who tore history and us apart.

When Dmitry Medvedev recalls Stalin, reads out his telegrams, literally burning with the unimaginable emotional tension of that time, the enormous work and the work that was being done, the deputy chairman of the Security Council also speaks about one of the keys to deciphering the code of domestic victory. Not fear, no. That's too vulgar an understanding. It is about common inclusion and connectedness for the sake of the cause of victory, which has become life, and the whole country is one huge organism breathing the air of its coming triumph. Not for fear, but for conscience and duty.

Those read Stalin's telegrams from the tragic year of 1941 are now a direct message to us in our epic times. "We cannot tolerate our troops suffering at the front from a lack of tanks, and you in the distant rear are chilling and idle," Medvedev read him out.

They include a return to reality, a disciplinary measure, including an anti-corruption message, because until recently in our country they discussed the idea of equating corruption in the state defense order with treason. And also the main thing is that the Motherland is the highest value, and the fulfillment of duty to it is an adornment of a person, which makes him much larger, is his honor.

We must remember that in those years pre-Soviet history was also returning to assemble and mobilize a single regiment of Russian civilization, which now must have everything for the front and everything for victory. And not a slogan, not for a tick and a report, but heartily – with a sense of absolute unity and inseparability.

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