Alexia Cornu, edited by Julia Solans 16:10 pm, March 24, 2023

Losing weight is a complicated mission and not always approached in the right way. Some urban legends persist about the means to achieve this. It is also imperative to know the consequences of weight gain before trying to lose weight. Here are three preconceived ideas decrypted by Alexia Cornu in "Benefit for you".

All means are good to lower the figure on the scale. And yet, some techniques known and practiced by the general public do not really have the desired effect. In "Bienfait pour vous", columnist Alexia Cornu returned to these preconceived ideas about weight loss and good habits to really put in place to feel better in your body. Here are three.

Weight loss is not just about calorie deficit

For many, the caloric balance between intake and expenditure must be in deficit. In reality, creating an imbalance is not necessarily useful, on the contrary. "Other factors that increase fat storage can influence enormously," says Alexia Cornu. Starting with sleep. This element holds a primordial role in weight loss. Bedtime is not to be neglected because it can vary the storage of fat in the body. Stress is also one of the factors, as are dietary restrictions that cause disorders.

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Exercising does not mean losing weight

Sport is primarily used to strengthen your body. But gaining muscle is not synonymous with weight loss. Indeed, it is important to understand that muscle weighs much more than fat. If you do sports and the number on the scale does not move at first, then it is completely normal. Alexia Cornu also reminds us that it is essential to understand the consequences of her weight gain: sleep problems, daily stress...

Burning calories and burning fat are not the same thing

First of all, a muscle does not burn, it heats up. When the body exerts intense physical activity, "the body will need energy right away, so we will burn sugars instead". So to lose weight, it is better to turn to endurance sports and muscle building. The more muscles are developed in the body, the faster the metabolism will go and will lose weight. "Muscle mass increases metabolism and allows you to burn more energy on a daily basis without necessarily exercising more."