• Laura Bates, founder of the Everyday Sexism Project: "The number of young people who are taking on misogynistic ideas is dramatic"
  • e the Civil Guard: "Everything that puts a civil guard in a difficult situation causes me sleeplessness"

He is one of the key names in Spanish politics today. But beyond speeches, rallies and laws, we wanted to know him thoroughly, to know about his family – his partner, Eva Cárdenas; his son, Alberto, and his mother, Sira- and what his sudden move to Madrid from Galicia meant for them.

In an exclusive interview accompanied by a photo report, Alberto Núñez Feijóo reveals his most human side by telling how he met the mother of his son on a plane and how he acts as a father whenever he can, although not as much as he would like. He also talks about how his late fatherhood has returned him to age 30 and recognizes that his partner, Eva Cárdenas, is one of the great directors of the country.

In addition, Núñez Feijóo poses for the magazine in the streets of Madrid and gives us photographs from his personal album. " What a difficult interview, eh?", he said as soon as he finished it because of what is personal and intimate.

The cover of the new issue of Yo Dona stars actress Milena Smit, who premieres on Friday, March 31, the film 'Tin and Tina', in which she plays a woman who loses the babies she was expecting and adopts two brothers with strange personalities. A character that fits like a ring to the finger, because she herself affirms that, when choosing roles, she will always prioritize those "with trauma".

The protagonist of 'The Snow Girl' and 'Parallel Mothers', already consolidated star of our cinema and red carpets, confesses that before she was "dark and different", but that her profession as an actress has "helped her land".

The pages dedicated to current affairs are completed with a report on the prisoners of the Wad Ras prison in Barcelona, who live there with their children, and our monthly survey, which asks Spaniards about their interaction with social networks.

Resistance to no

In the Living part, we bring together four professionals – actor Antonio Velázquez, designer Isabel Sanchís, writer María Reig and chef Aurelio Morales – who explain their strategies to overcome when they have been given a no. And a useful report tells us how to stand up to spring asthenia.

Fashion brings us spring in all its splendor, with looks full of flowers, as well as a report on a trade in extinction: that of seamstresses. In the beauty pages some refreshing photos of Ariadne Artiles show us to wear this season the ponytail and how to take care of the hair.

In the style pages we collect the most beautiful wallpapers to decorate the walls and we look around the globe for the most luxurious hotels to get lost and never return...

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