Suddenly, former US President Donald Trump is mired in a fierce judicial controversy, with opponents demanding that he be tried on several charges, including involvement in falsifying financial facts and violating election law, while his supporters deny these charges.

Close to the New York attorney general's office, a class of Trump supporters gathered to denounce the Alvin Prague investigation, calling it "politicized." Trump said he expected to be arrested last Tuesday, which he did not, and called on his supporters to protest.

In addition to charges of fraud and electoral violations, the case of actress Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is legally complicated as the judiciary in New York seeks to determine whether Trump is guilty of falsifying data, which is a misdemeanor, or of violating campaign finance laws, which constitutes a criminal offense.

Regarding the decision to be issued by Prague, the lawyer accredited to the US Supreme Court, Kamal Nawash, said in an interview with the program "From Washington" (2023/3/23) that the worst possible scenario is that a criminal case is filed against Trump and its punishment is simple and there is no prison sentence.

Nawash also noted that questioning the politicization of the cases Trump is pursuing is based on the question of inspection in Trump's history to prove any legal violation he may have committed.

Law First

On the other hand, Raed Jarrar, head of government relations at the organization "Democracy Now for the Arab World", explained that the relationship is complex and involves confusion between politics and law, stressing that instead of demanding that Trump not be prosecuted, all former presidents should be tried if they violate the law.

He added that the use of campaign funds to pay personal interests proves the state of embezzlement and irresponsibility in the use of public funds, noting that this is a legal breach in America.

He also noted that Trump violated U.S. law during his tenure, but the real issue is to support any measures to hold accountable anyone who broke the law and not defend it.

On the American street, Al Jazeera correspondent Bisan Abu Kweik reported that members of the pro-Trump rally are coming to his defense because they consider his accusation evidence of the politicization and abuse of the judiciary, while all political spectrums are waiting for the outcome of the investigations into the charges against him.

Trump is accused of paying secret money to actress Stormy Daniels, who claimed she had a sexual relationship with him in 2006. She claims she was paid $130,2016 from Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's lawyer, weeks before the <> election.

She was allegedly paid to keep silent about a romantic relationship she says she had with Trump years ago. Trump denies having a relationship with the actress, saying in a recent post on Truth that he had done "absolutely nothing wrong."