【Commentary】On the afternoon of March 3, the Shanghai premiere of the movie "Wangdao" was held at Fudan University, and director Hou Yong and actors Liu Ye, Wen Yongshan, Wang Ming, Wei Zun and others appeared on the scene.

It is reported that the movie "Wangdao" takes Chen Wangdao's translation of the "Communist Manifesto" as the starting angle, portrays a group portrait of a group of intellectuals represented by Chen Wangdao in the 20s of the 20th century, and shows the spirit of the ancestors in pursuing the truth and sticking to the avenue.

Liu Ye played Chen Wangdao in "Wangdao", and in order to get closer to the character, he read a lot of historical materials. When visiting the Fudan University History Museum, there was a photo that impressed Liu Ye very deeply.

[Contemporaneous] actor Liu Ye

He (Chen Wangdao) was so thin that his eye sockets were deeply sunken and his cheeks sunken, and he was really exhausted when he restored the Fudan News Center. When I made the movie "Wangdao", I set myself a small rule to get close to him in appearance. I used to be about 168 pounds, which is relatively normal, 163 pounds when I entered the group, and 146 pounds when I got to the Fudan News Hall.

Chen Wangdao was the first president of Fudan University after the founding of New China. Chen Wangdao's translation of the first Chinese complete translation of the Communist Manifesto also planted the red gene for Fudan University for a century. Liu Ye said that during the filming of Fudan University, the feelings of Fudan teachers and students for the "old president" also deeply touched him.

[Contemporaneous] actor Liu Ye

As soon as we walked from there, the students sang "Farewell" there, and the students gave us a strength, a sad emotion, and tears rolled in their eyes. There are many of our real Fudan students in it, and the exchange of feelings, the things conveyed by that feeling are different. So I really think that a teacher can have such a student, and such a student can have such a teacher, it is really the happiest thing.

【Commentary】During the filming of the film, the stories of the enthusiastic people deeply moved the actors. Chen Wangdao's wife Cai Muhui is a pioneer female representative of that era, and her resolute personality also makes the actor Wen Yongshan admire.

【Actor】Actor Wen Yongshan

After reading it, I really felt very moved, and I can deeply feel the blood of everyone. (I) also hope that after watching this movie, everyone can follow their dreams, struggle, and not give up.

【Commentary】It is reported that the movie "Wangdao" is directed by Hou Yong, starring Liu Ye, Hu Jun, Wen Yongshan, Wang Ming, Wu Xiaoliang and Xi Meijuan, the film will be released nationwide on March 3.

Reporting by reporters Xu Yin and Kang Yuzhan from Shanghai

Responsible Editor: [Li Yan]