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They wanted to hug her, as if she were a teddy bear. With her raw sweater with a turned neck (which she did not wear back, but up) and three-quarter sleeves, worn over a wide brown wool pants, lips without makeup, hair falling over her shoulders and the serious gesture, Gwyneth Paltrow gave the impression that she had been surprised while shopping in a supermarket and told her "stop by the court right now".

Her clothes, with which she attended the first session of the trial that continues against her in the court of Park City, Utah, for having left a skier, Terry Sanderson, 76, battered six years ago, in a brutal crash on the snow slope, transmitted naturalness, chance, or what comes to be the same in that ecosystem that are the courts: self-confidence, tranquility and truth.

Gwyneth Paltrow leaves the courthouse, neutral and warm. GETTY IMAGES

Do not forget that Sanderson asks the actress $ 300,000 for the injuries suffered, while Paltrow asks only a symbolic dollar if she wins and the payment of her legal expenses. He arrives at the trial transmitting the feeling of defending himself but without wanting revenge.

A very measured look even if it does not seem like it

The informality of Paltrow's look is not at all the result of a bad day or a rush. Behind him is a very calculated styling. Although the personal image of the accused in a trial has been a very studied issue for decades, in recent years, where any image goes around the world in a matter of seconds and generates very influential currents of opinion, that image has become especially important.

In the trial, Gwyneth Paltrow wore two pairs of glasses, arrived with classic aviator Ray-Ban and inside the room used retro ones that were immediately noticed in the networks – they were even related to those worn by the famous murderer Dahmer, about whom we have recently seen a series on Netflix. like the rest of the look.

The most notorious recent case that made very clear the importance given to clothing in a trial is that of Anna Sorokin, the Russian-German who posed as a rich heiress and defrauded more than $ 200,000 from members of New York high society (and who also has a series, like Dahmer). His case would not have given so much to talk about if it were not because his trial jumped from the newspapers -to be more specific, from the 'New York Times'-, to the magazines and fashion websites, which every day echoed ... What clothes he had put on to go to court.

Court stylists

In the face of his trial, Sorokin hired Anastasia Walker, stylist among other celebrities, such as Courtney Love (another expert in court) to model his appearance before the judge. With her black glasses (Celine's, by the way, like the boots that Paltrow has worn in her judgment, it begins to sound like a judge's fetish brand), her loose hair and her dark clothes or in neutral colors, sometimes formal, but almost always with 'baby-doll' dresses and brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Victoria Beckham, Chloe, Miu Miu, Michael Kors... He took the reins of his image. In fact, he became a style icon, with thousands of followers. The question is: did that influence his verdict? His trial resulted in a sentence of 4 to 12 years in prison. Before the end of the quarter she was released for good behavior.

Now it's time to wait how the move goes to Gwineth Paltrow. We will keep you informed.

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