• LOC Georgina Rodríguez to Pablo Motos: "I have never pooped in the bathroom of a commercial airliner"

I don't know who is more famous, El Hormiguero or Georgina. What is clear is that taking Georgina to El Hormiguero is like feeding the pack or, perhaps, as if she fed the pack. Georgina was just as Georgina is. Anyone who watched the first season of his documentary on Netflix last night should not have been surprised at all. Who has not seen it, who only knows that Georgina is one of the most influential influencers in the world and Cristiano Ronaldo's wife would probably find it difficult to close her mouth last night. Georgina is a lot of Georgina. Georgina's in El Hormiguero was unspeakable.

She arrived nervous, very nervous. Being on a live show, surprisingly, makes her nervous. She says she's "very shy" and, of course, being on the most-watched show on TV doesn't help. But the nerves were short-lived, or at least he knew how to contain them. And you have to have one thing very clear, Georgina, that of political correctness, it does not go much with her because Georgina is so Georgina that she is above all that.

Who would sit in El Hormiguero before millions of spectators and would usually without moving a single hair phrases that anyone – even she knows, although it may seem that they do not – will raise blisters and bristle more than one skin? Georgina has very much assumed who she is, how she lives, what she does and, the best, she does not hide that life of luxury, that life unattainable for ordinary mortals, her good life.

That someone tells that it is that he travels so much that he no longer knows where he is, or that he carries on his finger a 9-carat diamond valued at no one knows, or that her husband for his last birthday closed a restaurant in Dubai and projected on one of the majestic skyscrapers of the city the trailer of the first season of his reality , or that flying in a private plane has its bad things because once they made her get up at 05.00 in the morning, and that "is getting up early", or that she has such a gigantic dressing room in Riyadh that her husband does not stop telling her that you have to buy more clothes because it is very devastated, or that she has a collection of 150 bags, Of course all of the most expensive brands in the world, is having many noses.

It is true that Georgina has as many detractors as followers and that she has surely reached a point where what they can say about her is brought very to the pairo. If this were not the case, it would be impossible to understand it. To El Hormiguero have gone many other women and many other men to whom money and opulence sprout from all the poles of their skin and has never shown with such peace and tranquility that sumptuousness.

As a friend of mine would say: "I'm sure Georgina will catch 50 euro bills". So much the influencer did not arrive, but she did reveal that she does not poop on a commercial plane because that of getting into a bathroom and that she smells "just like cake" cuts her pee. Georgina is so Georgina, let's leave it there, that even her pee has a category.

Georgina has very much assumed that she is Georgina

When Georgina was in the first season of Mask Singer – she was under the lion's mask – she became a phenomenon. Then, as a result of the reception, he closed the agreement with Netflix for the first season of his reality and, now, the second arrives. Hence, last night I was in El Hormiguero. If not, Georgina, although her life is an exhibition of perfection, pomposity and wealth, Georgina does not change a night in the Olympus of the gods or jokingly.

I remember when I saw the first season of Soy Georgina I thought 'my mother, so much envy can generate the life of this woman'. But when I finished watching it I realized that it was not envy, that what happened is that we are not used to someone living so very well, that someone has so many privileges, that someone exposes them so much and does it without any qualms. That is the key to feeding the pack, that Georgina does not feel any kind of shame, nor does she have to have it, showing all that. Perhaps that is the key to Georgina's success, that we are not used to someone making visible with all the naturalness of the world that she lives as a god.

The one who lives as a god, even if we know that he lives as a god, always tries not to be noticed much, that he does not seem to be mounted on the dollar and that we do not realize that most of the rest of the world will never have what he has. That doesn't matter to Georgina. She clings to the phrase -slogan by the way of the new season of her reality- of "before she sold bags and now the gifts" and, worth the redundancy, she stays as god. "I am worldwide and everything you imagine you will see," he told Pablo Motos last night when he pointed out that the first season of Soy Georgina had been a worldwide success. To be Georgina the first thing is to believe that you are Georgina.

The problem is that what we believe is envy because we would love to have everything she has, although it is really a surprise, it is associated with us saying 'but where does this aunt come from', 'but she is not ashamed', 'but how can she say that and stay so calm', 'but with the one in the world this aunt making opulence of what she has'. I insist do not confuse it with envy, it is something else.

Georgina likes to talk about what she has, how well she lives, how lucky she is, but she also likes to tell that she comes from a humble family -like her husband-, that she knows what it is to work, that she has been a waitress, cleaner, clerk in luxury stores, that she teaches her children how privileged they are and that what she likes most about having money is that with That money can help those close to you. "Money changes you for the better because with it I can help and it is very rewarding for me", and with that the conscience is already calm, if at any time it was uneasy.

He said last night that when his children leave the food on the set what he usually does is put videos of children who are not as lucky as theirs, who do not have enough to eat and tells them: "That can happen to you." And it sounds so pretentious that it even feels bad.

The culmination of El Hormiguero with Georgina

"We value everything that life gives us. What we tell our children is that people are not obligated to treat you well for being the child of.... That Rosalía receives you after a concert when she is bursting is a privilege." Of course, that does not happen for being the son of... neither being Georgina nor being a Christian, that happens because you try your best.

It is inevitable not to react. Just as the ants reacted last night, to such an extent that Pablo Motos made them come out from under the table in the middle of the interview with tonight's warning they would lower the tone a little. And the tonito was none other than to release what surely many were releasing at home "you can give him a gas station", "shopping also tires me a lot" and things like that, that Pablo Motos, who is not walking with one hand in front and one behind, also came out without being able to stop them.

In reality it is not because of what he has, it is because of how he has assumed it and exposes it with that tranquility as if what he has had no importance. For example, last night, after recounting Cristiano Ronaldo's gift on that birthday in Dubai, Pablo Motos asked her what is given to someone who has everything, both her and Cristiano. She answered, because it is phenomenal from death, that Cristiano gave her his time, since rarely, for work reasons, they had been able to spend their birthday together. Super nice, super antimaterialist, but, of course, if you have continued to release a "I have given him three cars and he did not give him more because it is not original", turn off and let's go.

That attempt to be perfect in everything and with everyone and that ends up showing all the imperfections. To give you an idea, even when he told how a few weeks ago they got a cat house and ended up sleeping in the bed of one of his children he carries is retintín of the privileged. "I put water, food and tea in the window and at dawn my daughter Eva woke me up saying that the cat was in her bed. And there it was. I called the security of the urbanization to take him away, but now he lives with us." And the ants: "I warn you that you put food and water in the garden and I also stay." And Pablo Motos: "A stray cat in your urbanization is not a stray cat". It's that it's inevitable.

And that they held back, that they contained themselves a lot. If instead of Georgina all this had come out of the mouth of what do I know, Tamara Falcó, the ants and Pablo Motos himself would have gone to sack Paco. But it wasn't a matter of making her feel uncomfortable, even if her own story did make them feel uncomfortable. Because yes, let's not fool ourselves, Georgina's life is uncomfortable.

Why? Because we are not used to someone showing with such pride and without a hint of humility to be so extremely privileged. And then because there are things that don't, that no matter how hard you try, there is nowhere to take them: "Riyadh is a wonderful country. I was very conditioned by the rumor mill, but it is a very safe, family country, in which they take great care of women, children. The other day a friend of mine was and she stayed in a hotel very close to mine and they had not put water on her. And since water is so expensive, he went down to buy at a booth and forgot the card and the man in the store gave it to him. They are very detailed people."

Of course, Riyadh is like that for Georgina, for her friend, for Cristiano, for Las Queridas, as the WhatsApp group she has with her colleagues is called – I don't know if you can say colleagues being Georgina. But it was not necessary to praise what we all know is not so no matter how much your husband is now playing there and you have to be divine of death with the capital of Saudi Arabia and with Saudi Arabia. There are things and things.

Georgina's "darkness"

But Georgina is a world of contrast. He tells you how wonderful Riyadh is, what it is like to have a private plane, his dressing room, his nights of bohemia and illusion, but also of "the darkness", in which he plunged with the death of his baby: "There is no explanation. It has brought me a lot of darkness, but also a lot of love and this season having done it has helped me a lot. I have felt super happy and very surrounded after the.oerdida of my life. I have had the support to share this tragedy with my people. That's what has helped me."

What shocks Georginmost is that he precisely shows his life of luxury with total naturalness, but at the same time he wants it to be clear at all times that she values what she has very much and that they educate their children so that they are aware that life does not give you anything. That's why, when Pablo Motos asked her last night what a day in Georgina's life is like, she immediately lists the huge list of tasks she has. I change it.

"I get up at 06.30 hours, prepare breakfast, take the children to school, manage the works, because I have two houses under construction, my employees, I shoot -photo sessions for an advertising campaign-, I prepare my reality ...". That's right, that's what it looks like in reality. And now she has taken away some other task because shopping in Riyadh tires her a lot. "It tires me a lot too. It's as if there is a magnet on the ground," replied Pablo Motos. I insist, inevitable.

And just as Pablo Motos asked her what is given to someone who has everything and she answered about cars, the question was what surprise El Hormiguero can give Georgina, the woman who has everything. It was the culmination of the unspeakable. A briefcase full of diamonds and an expert in diamonds who was telling the value of each of them -up to more than two million dollars-, what it costs to find and extract it, this surely there are those who know better, the only thing they are, like Georgina, and to finish the job, why not burst a colorless diamond valued at 5,000 euros? Georgina deserves it. There was no car, but there was a diamond.

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