The scene of the launching ceremony of the 2023 "Discover China Tour" for diplomats stationed in China

Three two one, start.

【Commentary】On March 3, the launching ceremony of the 21 "Discover China Tour" for diplomats in China was held in Beijing. Chinese Minister of Culture and Tourism Hu Heping and 2023 diplomats from 49 countries attended the event.

Hu Heping said in his speech that he sincerely hopes to work with other countries to deepen cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation, promote cultural prosperity and development, and help civilizational exchanges and mutual learning.

Hu Heping, Minister of Culture and Tourism of China

First, adhere to the civilization concept of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and inclusiveness, respect the diversity of world civilizations, and jointly promote the implementation of the global civilization initiative. The second is to improve the mechanism, broaden the platform, carry out all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging dialogues and exchanges, and use brand cultural activities such as "Discover China Journey" to jointly promote mutual understanding and blindness. The third is to jointly build cultural ideas, introduce favorable policies, plan high-quality projects, accelerate technological innovation and application, and provide people of all countries with richer excellent cultural products and high-quality tourism products. The fourth is to deepen exchanges and cooperation with other countries in the fields of cultural and tourism markets, products, information and service standards, and contribute wisdom and strength to promoting the high-quality development of the global cultural industry and tourism.

【Commentary】On the same day, Chinese and foreign guests climbed the Drum Tower to visit the "Story of Time" exhibition, enjoyed the "Discover China Journey" digital photo exhibition at the Time Museum and visited the Beijing Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition. Next, diplomats from various countries in China will go to the eight provinces and regions of Guangxi, Xinjiang, Henan, Hebei, Gansu, Fujian, Zhejiang and Hainan, go deep into the north and south of the river, visit the green waters and mountains, feel the customs and people's feelings, understand the Chinese culture, and perceive the China of the times.

[During the same period] Ambassador of Uzbekistan to China Farkhod Artsiev

I myself have been to many parts of China, including Shanxi, Yunnan, Anhui and Shanghai. Each place has its own unique and interesting features. As Ambassador of Uzbekistan to China, I see many similarities and common features in our culture, history and traditions. For me, it's really interesting to see these commonalities.

[Contemporaneous] Lebanese Ambassador to China Miria Jabr

I think this event is very important, in fact it is held every year in China. I'm one of its fans and I come every year. Every year I go to different places to visit, the attractions are getting more and more beautiful, and there are many options for exploring China. In this project, we are willing to cooperate more between Lebanon and China, and we are working on it.

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, the "Discover China Tour" event for diplomats stationed in China has been attended by more than 2021 diplomats from 68 countries since it was first held in 140.

Reporting by Lang Jiahui and Zhao Li from Beijing

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]