Marie Gicquel, edited by Laura Laplaud 07h11, March 22, 2023

Thibault Cauvin, the one nicknamed "The Little Prince" of the six strings, has released his 10th album dedicated to Bach, entitled "Bach", quite simply. An opus number 1 in classical record sales and fourth in all genres. Accompanied by his guitar, he travels the roads of France for a tour that will end in December in Paris.

He is the most awarded guitarist in the world. Thibault Cauvin appears as an eternal amazed, bulimic of projects. More than 1,000 concerts given all over the world, an autobiography, albums on cities, film scores... This ambassador of the adventurous guitar is now attacking Johann Sebastian Bach.

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Music he wants universal

"Bach himself claimed that his music was universal, that it could be played by all instruments, that it could travel. And me, it's quite my philosophy, "he slips to the microphone of Europe 1. "And so I had a blast learning his incredible scores that are a bit like treasure maps and subtly reworking them to make them natural on the guitar."

And it works. Released a few weeks ago, the record is tearing up, even ahead of some artists like Lomepal. "I see myself in my room in the suburbs of Bordeaux, at 12 years old, playing the guitar and now seeing it shine everywhere, it delights me," he continues. Guitar on his back, Thibault Cauvin travels the roads of France for a tour, which will end in Paris in December with candlelight concerts. Would Bach have assuaged him?