Jiaxing, March 3 (Zhongxin Net) -- On the morning of March 22, the Jianshan Police Station of the Haining City Public Security Bureau in Zhejiang Province received an alarm from the public that two "dolphins" were found stranded on the beach on the riverbank.

At about 7 a.m., Master Wan, a project construction worker working on the Qiantang River, looked at the surface of the river and found two fish twisting their tails. "I thought it was silver carp, or blue fish, it must have run aground, so I went down and took a look." Master Wan said.

Master Wan approached cautiously with a wooden stick and fixed his eyes: "What is this, dolphin?" Master Wan was also familiar with the Qiantang River, but he had never seen these two little guys, with blue bodies and very large figures.

The situation was urgent, and he immediately went back to tell the co-worker, and at 8:20, the co-worker went to the Jianshan police station to call the police.

Rescuers release finless porpoise Photo courtesy of Haining Public Security

After understanding the situation, police officer Zhu Peihong immediately led the team to the police, and contacted the fire department and other departments for joint cooperation as soon as possible. Zhu Peihong arrived at the edge of the sea pond and found that about 150 meters from the shore, two finless porpoises were lying in shallow water, half of their bodies were exposed.

Zhu Peihong rolled down the pond barefoot, pulled up the rubber boat, and quickly walked towards the two finless porpoises, and everyone worked together to carry the two finless porpoises into the rubber boat and pull them to the shore. After reaching the shore, rescuers used cranes at the construction site to pull the rubber boats to the pond.

Due to the shallow water level in the Jianshan section, at about 9:18, rescuers drove to the big gap in Dingqiao and released the finless porpoise more than 20 meters offshore and more than 1 meter deep.

It is understood that the finless porpoise is a first-class protected animal, and the rescue of the stranded finless porpoise must be carried out quickly, otherwise when its skin dries, it may be life-threatening. (End)