Zhongxin Jingwei, March 3 (Xiong Siyi) Qingming holiday train tickets go on sale on March 22, where to go?

Screenshot source: China Railway official Weibo

Where to go during Qingming holiday?

According to the "Spring Travel Express" released by Fliggy on the 21st, the number of bookings for spring outing-related goods has grown rapidly in the past month, exceeding the same period in 2019, among which Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Nanjing, Wuhan, Guilin, Kunming and other popular destinations in the spring travel season.

Fliggy data also shows that the number of ticket bookings for popular flower viewing spots has surged in the past month, and suburban country houses have also increased by 54% year-on-year. In addition, traditional attractions such as museums and temples are now considered "fragrant food" in the eyes of young people.

Fliggy data shows that in the past month, the number of museum ticket bookings increased by 49% year-on-year, and the number of ticket bookings for temple-related scenic spots increased by more than 4 times year-on-year, among which Lingyin Temple, Hanshan Temple, Lingshan Buddha, Qixia Temple, Leshan Buddha, etc. are popular attractions.

"With the warmer weather and the holiday approaching, the demand for domestic tourists for spring trips has continued the strong recovery since the Spring Festival and is expected to hit a new peak during the upcoming May Day holiday." Fliggy Spring Tour Project Leader Shuai Mengting said.

Take 4 days off for 9 consecutive days

Unlike previous years, the Qingming Festival in 2023 will have a 1-day holiday without adjustment. If you are planning a long trip, you will need to take appropriate leave.

Qingming Festival is Wednesday, April 4, and if you take two days off before the festival (April 5 and 4) or after the festival (April 3 and 4), plus weekends, you can get a 4-day holiday; If you take two days off before the holiday (April 6 and 7) and after the holiday (April 5 and 4), you will get a super "luxury" vacation of up to 3 days.

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According to the Regulations on Paid Annual Leave for Employees, employees of government agencies, organizations, enterprises, public institutions, private non-enterprise units, individual industrial and commercial enterprises with employees and other units who have worked continuously for more than one year shall enjoy paid annual leave.

Specifically, if the employee has worked for 1 year but less than 10 years, the annual leave is 5 days; 10 days of annual leave for those who have completed 20 years but less than 10 years; Those who have completed 20 years of annual leave are 15 days.

In addition to annual leave, those who usually save a lot of overtime can also choose to take leave!

There are plenty of tickets available before the holiday on popular routes

For those who choose to take leave before the holiday, the holiday will start on the evening of Friday, March 3. A query of the China Railway 31 website found that there were plenty of tickets left before the holiday for popular lines.

Taking the trains from Beijing to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Chengdu as an example, most of the trains on March 3 and April 31 have sufficient tickets, and only a few trains need to be waitlisted.

Screenshot source: China Railway 12306 website

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