In her first live appearance on a television plate, specifically in El Hormiguero, Georgina Rodríguez (29) was self-conscious and nervous. He came to present the second season of the reality showSoy Georgina that premieres on March 24 on Netflix.

However, he had no qualms about confessing that "Cristiano and I are not materialistic", something that leaves more than one breathless if we take into account that on the last birthday of the player, the influencer gave him a Rolls Royce valued at about $ 425,000.

Despite the sorrows, both are aware of their origins and their offspring are made aware of the value of things. "Cris and I come from very humble families, we value every opportunity" and added that when Rosalía received them in her dressing room at their last concert in Madrid, "bursting with tiredness, it was wonderful. We value it very much."

When earlier this year they moved from Manchester to Riyadh where Cristiano Ronaldo (39) signed for the Al-Nssr team for 200 million euros per season, "I was very conditioned by gossip, but it is a very safe city, very familiar, they take great care of women and children, people are very detailed and generous. "

Shortly after his arrival came his birthday. Georgina was a little sad because she wanted to make a beach cinema and then planned to watch after dinner, but Cristiano pleasantly surprised her on January 27 when he said: "I'm going to show you the sunset. And then I saw myself reflected in the building – images from the second season of the reality show Soy Georgina – Cris is very detailed. In the morning I had been woken up in the villa with cakes, drawings... The best gift he gave me was his time because normally my birthday always coincides with games."

She is very proud of the education she is giving her children even though "they are five different personalities. Sometimes they fight among themselves and beat them at school, but they don't defend themselves. One of them came home crying, I asked him what had happened to him and he told me. So I said, 'And what you heat up at home you don't know how to defend yourself with?'

But with regard to the little ones, he confessed that "I love my children all day, but those of others do not. Well, except for my nephews. Mothers know our children and we have the patience that God gives us."

To his partner, with whom he began dating in mid-2016, he described him as a being "wonderful as a father, son, brother, friend, boss and employee. A lot of times I'm at home and when I look at him I think how lucky I am and I go to bed super happy."

She calls him Cris and he calls her Gio. Both form an enviable family with their children, Cristiano Jr. (12), Alana Martina (5), Eva María (5), Mateo (5) and Bella Esmeralda, almost a year old. This is the twin of another child who died as a newborn. With a fortune of 500 million dollars according to the portal Celebrity Net Worth, the player always provides Georgina with all unimaginable luxuries. Among them, traveling around the world by private plane. Regarding this means of transport, Georgina lost the glamour when she stated that "I have never pooped on a commercial plane. Getting into a warm bath and smelling like freshly thrown cake..." After all, they don't shit gold either.

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