【Commentary】Recently, because of a video of "security personnel leading the vendors out of the stall", Zhuhai Xiawan Night Market became popular overnight, and netizens not only felt Zhuhai's orderly "life atmosphere" and humanized management, but also got to know the leading security personnel Dai Jianming.

Every night from 8 p.m., it is when Dai Jianming, a security guard at Zhuhai Xiawan Night Market, starts to get busy. At 21:45, with the rapid whistle, vendors pulled small carts with ingredients, tableware and kitchenware, followed behind Dai Jianming to enter in a brisk and orderly manner, and the sound of footsteps and the sound of small wheels rubbing against the ground resounded one after another in the snack street.

【During the same period】Zhuhai Xiawan Night Market security personnel Dai Jianming

I work 10 hours a day, from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., and every day my job is to manage the traffic, and when they come in, I am still in charge of the traffic.

【Commentary】It is understood that due to its proximity to the Gongbei Port, Xiawan Night Market has attracted a large number of people from Zhuhai and Macao, and also attracted a large number of mobile food traders to make a living here. In 2014, in order to solve a series of problems such as "dirty and chaotic" caused by the disorderly operation of street vendors, the relevant departments of Zhuhai City, after active exploration, not only applied for registration cards for traders and operators of Xiawan Night Market, but also set up a convenient evacuation point for the convenience of operating at a fixed time and scope.

【During the same period】Ke Shimian, head of management of Zhuhai Xiawan Night Market

(Before) they were all sold indiscriminately, the urban management came, the law enforcement came, they left, and after the law enforcement left, they put it out again, so it was all disorderly, so they all developed their habits.

Later, after our company took over, after many times of communication, they also saw our sincerity, the management here, they later more cooperated with our work, this model has been 9 years, after the innovative model, after guiding the traders into the market, the operators also feel more confident, the environment is better.

【Commentary】Nowadays, Zhuhai Xiawan Night Market has "transformed" from a scattered and disorderly mobile stall to a "night economy" highlight with orderly management and standardized operation, and has become a "characteristic business card" in Zhuhai.

【Scene】Zhuhai Xiawan Night Market operator Miss Zhu

Tian Luo 25 yuan a piece, thank you beauty, come thanks, when there is no management is "ghost", now the management is well planned in a unified manner, it is very good for us, there is no need to grab a position or something.

We have a uniform time here (at 9:45 p.m.) and ends at 5 a.m.

According to statistics, there are currently 84 operators of Xiawan Night Market, with more than 330 employees. Like Ms. Zhu, the traders have transformed from fearful "ghosts" to upright "regular army" and realized their dream of living and working in Zhuhai.

【During the same period】Zhuhai Xiawan Night Market operator Jiang Meihe

Now I feel that I am an entrepreneur, and in this life, I feel that everyone manages well, and then we are doing here comfortably and smoothly, and then the business is getting better and better.

【During the same period】Miss Chen, the operator of Zhuhai Xiawan Night Market

In the past, the sales volume was about 2000,<> yuan, and now there are three to four thousand like this, this will definitely be better and better this life, because if you do it here, everything is still guaranteed for our life, needless to say part-time work, better than part-time work, in a word.

【Commentary】Xiawan Night Market management manager Ke Shimian told reporters that security personnel led traders to enter quickly and orderly, which has become a beautiful scenery and attracted many tourists. The overnight popularity of Xiawan Night Market not only affirmed the persistence of the managers over the years, but also brought them a lot of pressure.

【During the same period】Ke Shimian, head of management of Zhuhai Xiawan Night Market

Diners are now more and more from all over the country, so many people come here to enjoy the food, but also feel our service, environmental sanitation is getting better and better, the next step we will also rectify the environmental sanitation service in all aspects, will work harder, the summer bay (snack street) to do better, development and safety aspects, so that guests can eat at ease.

Reporting by Wei Jev, Deng Yuanwen, Chen Jimin, Zhuhai, Guangdong

Responsible Editor: [Sun Jingbo]