Recipes, interviews, nutrition tips... EL MUNDO will open next Wednesday a new window to gastronomy with its new portal Cooking, an online and multimedia meeting point around the pleasure of cooking. Every day, Sesé San Martín, founder and director of the TELVA Cooking School, and the chef Bea Garaizábal will present a video recipe, accompanied by detailed information on the ingredients and the elaboration process step by step, but also on the nutritional value of the food.

"The public increasingly demands more information about healthy eating, so the recipes will cover first courses, courses and desserts but always very varied and based on a healthy and balanced diet," says Amaya García, editor-in-chief of Cooking, who stresses: "Our goal is that the recipes are available to everyone, we will accommodate all those who enjoy home cooking. "

Because Cooking is not a simple recipe website, but a community in continuous interaction with the public through social networks. His Instagram and TikTok profiles, already active and full of express recipes, tricks and tips to make life easier in the kitchen, have hooked more than 14,000 followers. Through the comments, but also gastronomic encounters, readers will find in Cooking a place to enjoy their passion, alone or in company.

"We want to show that lack of time is no excuse for not eating well: there are hundreds of recipes that are prepared in less than 20 minutes and with which you recover the illusion of sharing a table and tablecloth with your loved ones," says Garaizábal. The TELVA Cooking School has been teaching thousands of people to cook in person for more than 34 years, and now moves to the network to facilitate access to recipes from home again and again.

In Cooking we will find "the recipes that define us, those we make at home when we have little time, the weekend to eat all together or to receive and stay at the movies," he says. Indeed, one of the objectives of Cooking is to sneak into homes to propose a healthy diet with a different weekly menu that will reach the emails of subscribers every weekend in the form of a newsletter. There will no longer be excuses for not eating rich and healthy on a daily basis, always with affordable ingredients.

But there's more. Apart from recipes and menus, Cooking will include tricks, tips, curiosities and information about seasonal foods. The perfect dressing for a salad, everything you can do with a lemon, the false myth of the two eggs a week... All the gastronomic information will be within reach of a click, with the most attractive design and experience of EL MUNDO and the TELVA Cooking School.

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Children will also have a place in a community around the pleasure of cooking at home. How to get the little ones to eat vegetables? How to turn a healthy dinner into a fun time? The habit of healthy eating is created in the early years, and can be done easily and playfully with Cooking.

Daily updated information, recipes, tips, interviews with chefs and protagonists of gastronomy and much more will integrate the new community of EL MUNDO from next Wednesday.

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