The first session of the motion of censure held on Tuesday in the Congress of Deputies confirmed the expected: its usefulness for the government coalition as an element of cohesion and as a starting gun for the regional and municipal elections of May 28, and the harmful effect of institutional degradation that entails the use of the Chamber that represents all Spaniards as a stage for an eccentric and ineffective initiative. If Vox wanted to use an instrument

constitutional as the motion of censure to erode the Government and boost its electoral options,

the only thing he has achieved for now is to feed both those of the PSOE and those of the vague project of Yolanda Díaz

, who starred from the rostrum his coming-out.

The motion started with a cross of interventions between Santiago Abascal and President Sánchez in which the leader of Vox tried to show, unlike the motion he promoted in 2020, as the leader of a serious party whose criticism of the Government can be shared by the conservative social body:

the lack of freedoms in the management of the pandemic, the assault on Justice, the Trans Law and that of the

Only yes is yes


.. However, such a pretension clashed both with his populist and paranoid attacks on the press – which allowed Sánchez to present himself as the defender of free journalism – and with the bizarre choice of the candidate for the Presidency.

Ramón Tamames, known for his controversial positions on issues as nuclear for Vox as the concept of the Spanish nation, was not able to string together a speech and some replicas at the height of the role entrusted to him.

While Sánchez and Díaz accused the radical right of instrumentalizing the motion, they themselves used it to overwhelm the veteran Tamames

with long interventions close to propaganda. The president spoke for three hours and granted Díaz the possibility of showing, in the middle of a war with Podemos, his aspiration for the winter general elections. The electoral ticket was already exposed without disguise.

The devaluation of the institutionality and the confidence of citizens in Congress was a risk that was consummated on Tuesday, because even the reasonable arguments used by Vox against Sánchez and his ministers became, thanks to a context at times bordering on the farce, easy prey to mockery and to be labeled as belonging to the "extreme right".

The short-term interests and the politics of the show have guided Abascal in a motion that leaves him weakened as a leader.

, and in which Feijóo, beyond the lack of definition of some aspects of his political project that Vox incites, has been absent with success. On the spokeswoman Cuca Gamarra falls today the responsibility of knowing how to present her party as the institutional, sensible and above all useful alternative to the divisive majority headed by Sánchez that Feijóo needs to champion.