The ban on squirrel fishing, a specialty of Suruga Bay, has been lifted in Shizuoka Prefecture, and fishing began on the 21st at Tagonoura Port in Fuji City.

At Tagonoura Port, on the morning of the 21st, 18 Shirasu fishing boats went fishing to Suruga Bay at the same time, signaling dawn.

Returning to the port in about an hour, fresh silvery was unloaded one after another from the ship, and the first auction was held on the spot.

According to the Tagonoura Fisheries Cooperative Association, the amount of fish landed on the 1st was 21 kg, and it is in good condition, such as being transparent and the size is the same.

It was traded at an average of 331 yen per kilogram, which is about 1300 yen higher than last year, and some of them were priced at 1 yen.

Shirazu fishing in Shizuoka Prefecture has been unfishable since around 2825 due to the meandering of the Kuroshio Current, and according to the fisheries cooperative, the amount of fish landed at Tagonoura Port last year was about 3150 tons, about one-tenth of the peak season.

Yoichi Goto, general affairs manager of the Tagonoura Fisheries Cooperative Association, said, "The amount of fish landed on the first day is tough, but the quality is very good, and I hope that stable landings will continue."

Silas fishing in Shizuoka Prefecture will be held until January 2018 next year.