Politicians corrupt language, often with words they hide facts; even if the linguistic errors they make with regard to nation and nationalities are constitutional. The mistake was of the fathers of the Magna Carta. Beard Fish said that what else will give nation or nationality, because they were nothing more than words. But with words wars are declared, and there were wars, and Catalonia lost them, even in the current century that gave them so many facilities the Spanish State. Pilar Rahola writes that although Catalonia is a millenary nation, it is a fact that since the debacle of 1714 it has been reduced, thanks to the Spanish repressive waves, to a large deputation or a colony. And he adds that the current sovereignty is that of a second-rate autonomy. The separatists never explain why their failures were so many, nor do they say that their politicians are mediocre and also escape through the sewers at the moment of truth.

They lack epic and too much cowardice to achieve independence. We know what each one wants and we are still entangled in nationality and nation, a Byzantine discussion that serves no purpose, when what it is about is independence that most Spaniards try to avoid because then others would leave and everything would go to take the sack.

Although the problem is very clear, politicians on this side of the Ebro continue to hide their thinking with plurinational Spain, the nation and nationality. When Elías Bendodo was up the rhetoric and released that Spain is a Plurinational State, he had to go out to remove Núñez Feijóo to remind him that Spain is a nation. And today he is bullfighting in the Chamber in a bullfight of miuras Ramón Tamames, who said that Spain was a nation of nations. Tamames, who is a wise man, knows well that to say that Spain is a nation of nations is bullshit; And so is nationality. Nation and nationality are two similar but not equivalent words. Nationality is a nonsense that refers to cultural singularities; it comes from Pi and Margall and the mischief of the Transition.

Nationality only refers to the peculiar character of the peoples and individuals of a part of the nation. The substance is not the same as the qualification. There is no nation without sovereignty. What happens is that the government depends on the separatists as if a puticlub depended on the parish.

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