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Miracles to Lourdes, the reader will be thinking, tired of downloading sports applications and paying gym fees that he does not even step on. And he's right: sport is ungrateful without consistency. We know we have to move more and eat better, but we don't. It's hard for us to change. In addition, the purpose of physical activity is usually aesthetic – hence sports centers are full of mirrors – although health goes from the inside out.

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Knowing that we are in the era of immediacy and we want everything already in an accelerated life with hardly any time, Iván Perujo (Santander, February 23, 1978) has specialized in launching challenges to motivate himself to action. Because the key to the discipline, according to this personal trainer with 20 years of experience, is to "set goals in the short-medium term".

That is, schedule individual goals. This has been done with David Bustamante, chiseling the singer in just one month for a boxing match broadcast live. Apart from helping actors, models, politicians, businessmen and other jet set characters (Anabel Pantoja, Sofía Suescun and Nieves Álvarez, among others), it encourages anyone to dedicate at least 30 minutes to daily exercise. What it takes to make one of his tables, "without, unfortunately, having to come a disease to generate this important habit," he says.


Model Tania Medina makes a hip hinge with a rubber. Mark Pool

"Your quality of life tomorrow depends on what you do today," Perujo defends. That is why he presents a method that sows that seed towards a healthy lifestyle in which we realize how good you are when you are well. "The current moment is very destructive, with a lot of anxiety at work, surrounded by fast food and ultra-processed, with hardly any time for us," he justifies.

Faced with this collective uneasiness, "sport is the best medicine: a therapy of well-being". On ass up. The method to achieve perfect buttocks in 30 days (Ediciones Martínez Roca) focuses on the largest and most powerful muscle in the human body, which holds the trunk in an upright posture. "The interest in this part of the physicist is brutal, a worldwide trend," he says.


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He blames the boom on the Kim Kardashian phenomenon. Apart from surgery, this celebrity made curves and voluptuousness fashionable. "To this is added the influence of Latin American culture, where well-positioned innkeepers are the desire of women who export that guitar figure," says Perujo, to whom all his female clientele asks the same. "Buttocks with volume."

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For this, strength training is indispensable. "If you already have genetics and you have a nice ass, maybe you can work it with your body weight to tone it, through functional exercises. But if you want to develop it and make it grow, you have to add burdens." Especially if we have a sedentary life. "Not only because the buttocks are those pillows that support all our weight, but because sitting in a chair for so long makes us hunch over."


Regardless of whether we want to show off toned buttocks this summer, exercises to strengthen this body region also help stabilize the pelvis and spine. Shutterstock

Mobility work and the two most effective exercises are your recipe. "The muscles of the gluteus are very deep, it is difficult to activate it, so it requires a previous warm-up work that prepares the body and joints. If we want quick results, hip thrust and squat offer the best performance and can be done anywhere without material or advanced in the barbell gym."

One of the mistakes when training the area, he criticizes, is "limiting oneself to analytical exercises without load, such as the famous gluteal kicks, or without intensity." According to Perujo, we must focus on each movement and part of the body that we are involving. "Focus is essential, we don't work the same if we're scattered." As well as technique. "It's great that we are motivated by an influencer now that fitness is in a good moment and we have a thousand platforms, but we can get injured and hurt ourselves by poorly executing the exercises, or have overloads if we do them like crazy without knowing what they are for."


His trick to make a correct squat at home is to stick to a wall with your feet at the width of your hips and go down with your abdomen tight and knees out to an angle of 90 degrees, without exceeding the toes. From there, to work to improve. "If we're fit, we'll be able to do the deeper squat, known as breaking the parallel, all the way down and without dropping." It is not suitable for everyone: "There will be those who have an abdomen and those who have a belly but moving a little is always better than nothing. You have to listen to the body and adapt, it needs its process."

In case of investing in a small equipment to have on hand in the living room, with elastic bands and a kettlebell would suffice. "They allow a multitude of exercises and are very cheap." One last tip to achieve this: "Take care of your diet and drink at least two liters of water a day. If you are hungry, better a fruit or a protein shake and in the main meals a protein load, vegetables and some hydrate, that is, I clean in fats. " And remember: even more important than losing weight or increasing the size of the buttocks is to maintain that routine that increases your well-being.

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