【Commentary】Put on a neat uniform and arrange the cleaning tools in your backpack... In the picture, the orderly division of labor and meticulous work is a domestic service team from Changsha, Hunan Province, and the members are basically "post-90s" veterans, the youngest of whom is 22 years old. The founder of this team is 25-year-old Zhang Huilan. She used to be an English teacher, but because she always cherished her dream of starting a business and likes cleaning, she quit her teaching job in November last year and switched to housekeeping.

Zhang Huilan introduced that the 6 employees of the team have all undergone professional training and have a relatively high comprehensive quality. At present, most of the customers are obtained from online platforms, and the work has been full in the past week. She believes that the reason why there are continuous good customers is because she has chosen the right "track".

【During the same period】Zhang Huilan, founder of a housekeeping company in Changsha, Hunan Province

That is, I have always brushed some other people's entrepreneurial experience and learned about the housekeeping industry. Housekeeping is not as glamorous or tiring and dirty as everyone thinks. I think this aspect is a need of more and more "post-90s" young people, because they may be busy at work, and they don't have time to clean up after work, and I will feel that this "track" is more promising, and then I will want to try.

Zhang Huilan told reporters that before engaging in the housekeeping industry, she would also invite her housekeeping aunt to clean the house, and in the process she found that traditional housekeeping services had drawbacks such as insufficient professional cleaning tools and standardized procedures. In the early days of her business, she summarized these problems, conducted a survey on the market of housekeeping services in Changsha, asked her friends about the acceptance of young people in the housekeeping industry, and found that most of them supported it, and she was determined to make her housekeeping team younger and more professional.

【During the same period】Zhang Huilan, founder of a housekeeping company in Changsha, Hunan Province

When I build this team, I will indicate that I am recruiting a young team, in fact, I think this is an inevitable trend. [The advantage of young people] is first of all physical strength, and second is patience. Basically, the customers we have served are very satisfied with us, and more and more people will choose young people to provide them with better services.

Zhang Huilan said that after changing careers, she not only had to participate in cleaning work, but also was responsible for the team's publicity, operation, finance, customer service and many other positions, and the work pressure was greater than when she was a teacher, but when she watched the messy house become clean and received satisfactory comments from customers, she felt very happy and full of accomplishment.

【During the same period】Zhang Huilan, founder of a housekeeping company in Changsha, Hunan Province

I think it's a career worth developing, and the whole process is something I really enjoy, and I may want to expand it to more cities in the next step, and I will also have ideas to expand it abroad. But we must go step by step, first to establish a solid foundation, and then to expand on others. And then I'm going to keep doing it in this industry.

Reporting by Guan Ziwen and Li Ying in Changsha

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]