Three 19-year-old suspects arrested for their involvement in robberies in Tokyo were rearrested in January for breaking into a store in Shibuya, Tokyo, and stealing luxury brand clothing and bags.
This is the fourth arrest, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the three suspected involvement in a total of 3 robberies, thefts, and other incidents in Tokyo and five prefectures.

The three suspects were rearrested, a 19-year-old man, all of whom had an unspecified address.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, ▽ In January this year,
he is suspected of breaking into a clothing store in Shibuya Ward by breaking the glass at the entrance with a tool and stealing about 3 items such as luxury brand down jackets and bags, worth a total of 1 million yen.
He is suspected of breaking glass with a tool on two occasions.

This is the fourth time the three have been arrested, having been arrested on suspicion of involvement in a theft
that broke into a precious metal store in Shibuya Ward last December and a robbery and injury case that occurred in Kita Ward in January.

In addition to being known to have stated in the investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department so far, "I was in trouble for money and applied for a black job on SNS," the suspect's smartphone was left with messages instructing him from people calling themselves "Yamada" and "Eve."

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the suspicion that the three were involved in a total of 50 robberies, thefts, and other incidents that occurred in Tokyo and five prefectures in the Kanto region from November last year to January, based on security camera footage.