A Hope Primary School was recently completed by Zhou You, a blogger with millions of followers online, a native of Haikou who now lives in Shanghai. The post-95 post-<> generation suffered from bipolar disorder (a mental disorder with both manic episodes and depressive episodes) due to some family problems in his childhood, and thought about giving up on himself several times, but eventually he persevered and became an illustrator. His paintings, like his own experiences, are like stars shining in the night, healing countless people. He often shares his experience of fighting disease online and helps many patients with bipolar disorder get out of the haze. For several years, he continued to donate to UNICEF and the China Women's Development Foundation, as well as the construction of Hope Primary School. Recently, the Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter contacted Zhou You, the illustrator said that his bipolar disorder is gradually improving, and recently hoped to go to the donated Hope Primary School to take a look and tell the children to be kind to themselves.

Intern Yuan Xianwen Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News Reporter Jiang Tiansheng

Sharing works and experiences with millions of fans There is also a public welfare class to teach everyone to draw

On the Internet, Zhou You does not shy away from his gray memories and bipolar disorder, and from time to time shares his experience of fighting the disease. He will tell everyone, "Don't live in other people's evaluations, don't browse other people's lives too much", "Try more new things, cultivate more hobbies", "Pay attention to your health"... Some people with the same condition will treat Zhou You as a "tree hole" and confide in him about their pain, and some even reveal extreme thoughts to him. "I've been through this stage, they're standing on the edge of a cliff, giving them a warm hug, and maybe they can pull them back." Since childhood, Zhou You has never been treated gently, and he has always treated others gently, telling them, "Everything will be fine, be good to yourself." ”

In 2021, Zhou You held a solo exhibition offline. At the exhibition, people with similar experiences to Zhou You and suffering from bipolar disorder came to the scene to thank him, some wrote a long letter to Zhou You and handed it to him in person, and some even told Zhou You that he was the driving force to persevere..." "This for the first time made me feel that what I was doing was really meaningful, refreshed my own cognition, and made me feel my own strength." Zhou You told reporters that since then, he has felt that he is no longer so humble and useless. Under various factors such as self-adjustment, drug treatment, and the intervention of psychological counselors, Zhou You's condition has greatly improved, and in March this year, he posted on social media to share the good news with fans, and he also said that he now insists on exercising every day, his weight has dropped to a new low, and he likes vocal music and writing poetry.

Now Zhou You has more than one million fans on the Internet, he shares his works without forgetting to share his skills, he has opened a public welfare class on the Internet, and taught everyone to draw live, which has been well received by fans. Some fans left a message on his Weibo: "I just started to learn to draw, I have been very confused recently, and I have been watching your public welfare class recently, and I have benefited a lot, thank you." "Teacher, you are my special attention, your paintings are very healing, there will always be someone who will love you." "Thanks to the teacher, I feel that there is a lot of power transmitted in the painting, it is very warm, and beauty and hope can be seen from the broken."

Suffer from bipolar disorder

Several times on the verge of collapse

Most of Zhou You's creative inspiration comes from his own experience and his exploration of his own heart, and he uses his brush to make sincere expressions through his inner feelings. Some of the inspiration comes from the literature and film music he has read.

Zhou You's most recent work is a set of "Nine Squares" illustrations posted online at the beginning of the year, one of which shows a little girl running with colorful stars running in the night, looking very warm. This set of pictures has been liked by more than 20,000 netizens, and nearly 5,000 people have forwarded it, and some netizens left messages below the pictures, "I like the teacher's paintings too much, looking forward to new works" and "My world was originally black, because you gradually have color".

Zhou You's paintings often use black as the background, and on black he will use stars and fireworks as the main subject. Sometimes, he also painted broken mirrors, cracks, and gave them light. Zhou You told reporters, "The light is a very beautiful and dreamy thing in our eyes, even in these very inconspicuous broken things, we will see fireworks and stars, and see colorful lights." In fact, this is a way for me to encourage myself and others, even in the dark places there will be light, we must believe that we have great power in our hearts. Zhou You also painted people, but adult men rarely appear in his works, which stems from gray memories of his youth.

Zhou You recalled that when he was a child, he was often beaten for no reason at home, and once he was eating when he was suddenly kicked off and his chair was kicked away. At the age of seven or eight, he ran away from home. After entering school, this situation did not improve, due to family reasons, Zhou You was introverted and a little withdrawn, so he was often bullied by his classmates. "At that time, I was the discipline committee member of the class, and I was responsible for the discipline in the class, and there were some prickly students in the class, they were naughty, they also insulted and intimidated me, and they also seduced one of my best friends and scolded me together." Subjected to domestic violence, ostracized by classmates, often feel inferior when traveling, and feel that they are worthless; Therefore, when you see a strange man, you will be a little scared. He confessed that he was on the verge of collapse several times, and once thought about giving up on himself, but fortunately, whenever he was on the edge of a cliff, there was always a force in his heart to pull him back, and in his paintings, this power was painted as stars, moons and other luminous objects, and passed on to more people.

Zhou You has loved painting since he was a child, which is his spiritual sustenance and can find a sense of belonging in it. He had good grades in cultural classes and good art in high school, and served as the head of the publicity department of the student union and the president of the graffiti club in high school, and his parents stereotyped that "students with poor grades are art students", so they did not support his art career, and in desperation, Zhou You could only choose the printing engineering major, but he did not give up his hobby, "I had less communication with my roommates in college, but I still like to draw, explore and run in the world of painting." During his junior year, Zhou You found a college entrance examination art training institution and painted plaster casts with a group of sophomores and seniors, practicing for eight to ten hours a day. More than two months of systematic study allowed him to straighten out the logic of painting, and his level improved by leaps and bounds. Later, part-time jobs, internships, and my first job trip after graduation all chose the design industry. In his own words, "I think I'm gifted for art. After working for a while, he chose to become a freelance illustrator.

Zhou You told reporters that he had a dream for a long time, hoping to transmit power through his paintings and help more people who had the same experience. After helping many people online, Zhou You gradually opened himself up and began to try to help others in more ways.

Donate money to build Hope Primary School

Help more people with your own abilities

Zhou You told reporters that in recent years, he has insisted on donating to UNICEF and the China Women's Development Foundation, and also donated money to build Hope Primary School, and showed the reporter some donation certificates, all of which came from his painting income. He said that he has little material desire, and hopes to help some people with poor family conditions and environmental resources through his own ability, which is a meaningful thing, and he can also find happiness in it. "My own childhood was shattered, and I hope that today's children will have a full childhood. If you can let children get better conditions, become better people, and in turn help others, it is a positive transmission. ”

After this stage of art public welfare class, Zhou You plans to go to Hope Primary School to see the children. "I hope that children can be more free to be who they want to be, be kind to themselves, be able to love themselves, help others within their ability, and remain loving, brave and kind."

Love, bravery, and kindness are also the three qualities that Zhou Yu likes the most. Talking about the future, Zhou You said that he will continue to paint and public welfare undertakings, and next year he is also planning to launch a short poetry book, "Since you are so lucky to have some talent, then you must use your ability to help more people." ”