Ana Rosa Quintana, Mediaset and the director of El programa de Ana Rosa have won the complaint filed by Pablo Iglesias against them for the opinion expressed two years ago by the presenter during her program on the management of nursing homes during the pandemic.

"Justice has given the reason to this program after the complaint of Pablo Iglesias that he put the director, Mediaset and me for an opinion in the editorial I make about the management of residences during the pandemic. At the time he was president. The judge considers that the opinion was built on the basis of information given by the government team itself. That is, we have won Pablo Iglesias, "said Ana Rosa Quintana this morning in her program.

The former vice president of the Government denounced El programa de Ana Rosa for some words that the host of the space gave in her editorial. Two years later, the judge has given the reason to the presenter and the chain.

Pablo Iglesias denounced Ana Rosa Quintana two years ago, for the following words that she herself said in her editorial: "The leader of Podemos throws in the face of the dead of the nursing homes to Díaz Ayuso, when he was responsible for the geriatrics."

An opinion that the presenter built, according to the judge, based on information that the vice president himself had given at a press conference during the beginning of the pandemic. Therefore, the judge has decided to agree with the program, Ana Rosa Quintana and Mediaset.

The judicial resolution concludes that "the letter sent by the plaintiff was not an attempt to rectify but to refute and replicate the critical opinion of the presenter." Therefore, the magistrate resolves that Ana Rosa Quintana issued a value judgment in a space in which she was allowed, her editorial and that, in addition, that opinion was based on that information given by the Government itself.

After the judge's ruling, neither Mediaset, nor the presenter, nor Ana Rosa's program will have to give a rectification, which is what Pablo Iglesias requested, and they will not have to give economic compensation to the former leader of Podemos. In addition, the Vice-President is ordered to pay the costs.

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