The series of activities of "Scholars from both sides of the strait face to face" was launched at Xiamen University on the afternoon of March 3. In the first event, Wang Yifu, president of the National Taiwan Studies Association, and Chen Yiyuan, professor of Taiwan Cheng Kung University, had an in-depth conversation on the theme of "Fujian and Taiwan historical people - Luo Hanjiao, Tangshan mother, class soldiers and others".

【Commentary】"Fujian and Taiwan historical crowd" refers to the population that once existed in the history of Fujian and Taiwan but no longer exists. Wang Yifu and Chen Yiyuan had a lively dialogue on this. In their view, the common term "arhat's foot" refers to unemployed vagrants; Commonly known as "Tangshan Ma", it is the female ancestors who migrated to Taiwan from the mainland; The historical name "class soldier" refers to the Fujian disciples who guarded Taiwan in shifts in the Qing Dynasty; The commonly known as "master" refers to the privately hired friends of the Yamen chieftains at all levels in Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty, most of whom were also from Fujian.

After the haze of the new crown epidemic gradually dissipated, the academic circles on both sides of the strait were eager to resume normal academic exchanges that had been interrupted for three years, and Wang Yifu, president of the National Taiwan Studies Association, believed that the first face-to-face conversation with Professor Chen Yiyuan was like the first "spring rain".

Wang Yifu, president of the National Taiwan Studies Association

I hope that in the future, cross-strait exchanges will be like today, we are very harmonious, with the gentle wind and drizzle, this is the best, right. And then everything that needs to be said is also said.

Professor Chen Yiyuan of Taiwan Cheng Kung University said that scholars on both sides of the strait share a common mind and can use their respective ideas to better understand each other through exchanges. Young students participated in the interaction and actively asked questions. Chen Yiyuan sees it in his eyes and is happy in his heart, he believes that young people are the inheritors and pioneers of the times, and expects young students on both sides of the strait to better understand history and have more expectations for the future through exchanges and communication.

【During the same period】Professor Chen Yiyuan of National Cheng Kung University

Teacher Wang and I should have the same idea, many of our conversations are not only for each other, we hope to talk to young people, young people on both sides of the strait. Knowing the common past together, and then also developing towards a more harmonious future, I think this should be the common aspiration of scholars on both sides of the strait.

According to reports, the series of academic activities of "Scholars on both sides of the strait face to face" will be held alternately by Xiamen University and the Chinese Cultural Institute. The first event was organized by the Institute of Taiwan Studies of Xiamen University, and each future session will continue to invite one mainland and Taiwan scholar to conduct in-depth dialogue on the same issue, striving to present the cultural kinship of the two sides of the strait with the same language and culture, and the roots and leaves are connected, and evoke the common historical memory of the two sides of the strait.

Reporter Li Siyuan reported from Xiamen, Fujian

Responsible Editor: [Lu Yan]